Eliminating Excess Inventory


Depending on the nature of your business and your customer base, you may have excess products gathering dust for a variety of reasons throughout the year. They could be specific products left over from the Christmas crunch. Or maybe they’re from a Spring sale. Perhaps you’re just looking to get rid of some products during Autumn that didn’t sell as well as you thought. It happens.

There’s an abundance of e-commerce channels you can use to get extra inventory in the hands of happy consumers. Whether you need to squeeze as much profit as possible out of every product or move a large number of items that are sitting stagnant on shelves, there are plenty of ways to make sure you’re still making money on that extra stock — no matter the time of year.

Read ChannelAdvisor’s latest eBook, Eliminating Excess Inventory, for top tips on how to turn that excess inventory into sales, including:

  • Bundling products
  • Creating competitive pricing strategies
  • Leveraging Daily Deals
  • And more
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