Walmart employees are now trained with a video game

// Walmart has built the Spark City app which challenges trainees to tackle retail scenarios
// App is already available to the public on iOS and Android
// Another 5 levels representing different roles are in the works

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Walmart has begun using a video game app to train new employees and is set to roll the technology out across all its training academies next month.

The US retail giant developed the Spark City app internally and the technology is already available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Inside the app, players must respond in real time to challenges and scenarios they would typically face when acting as a department manager.

Walmart selected this role for the game because they represent the largest group of supervisors across the company, averaging 15 to 20 per store.

The game will rank the players with a score for inventory, customer satisfaction and sales.

Walmart is understood to be planning five more levels to the game, each representing different roles including in the lawn and garden department, customer service, the deli, apparel and entertainment.

In October last year, the retailer also launched a VR training programme utilising the Oculus platform to teach employees things like soft skills, empathy and customer service.

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