Friday Fun One: Drag queen’s empty hand for missing delivery “evidence”

drag queen empty hand

There’s no doubting that Twitter often grabs headlines for all the wrong reasons, especially since a certain fake-tanned leader was elected across the pond.

However, it’s still a place where dry humour and wit thrives – and Iris Pompeii’s odd experience in trying to claim a refund from an online retailer is a perfect example of this.

It’s an oldie – slightly – but a goodie. More importantly, it’s a hilarious lesson in customer service.

Late last month, the 18-year-old drag queen and make-up artist ordered a pair of clip-on earrings for £1.54 from AliExpress, the online retailer owned by Chinese giant Alibaba. They never arrived.

When filling out an online form to recoup the money, Iris was asked to upload some photo evidence.

However, because her items never arrived, the only evidence Iris could send were two images of her empty hand.

Iris then shared the pictures on Twitter, where it went viral.

“I haven’t yet received a refund, but AliExpress are currently speaking to me about sorting it out,” the sales assistant from North Yorkshire said, speaking to the Press Association at the end of January.

“To take away from this; trust reviews but also, this was funny and I’m kind of glad the earrings didn’t arrive now.”

These were the missing earrings in question:

AliExpress eventually apologised to Iris directly.

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