John Lewis partners with app so staff can take part in social media marketing

John Lewis Ofcom
// John Lewis has partnered with employee advocate app Qubist
// The app allows all staff to share content promoting the retailer, providing them with prompts
// It will be launched across all 51 stores

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John Lewis has launched a partnership with Qubist which will allow all of its staff – or “partners” – to participate in the retailer’s social media marketing operations.

The department store has rolled the app out to staff working across its 51-store estate following a successful trial.

Qubist is an app which allows and encourages staff to share posts and “advocate” for John Lewis on social media.

According to its site, it gives them “the knowledge, content and tools to become confident and expert ambassadors of their brand on social media,” providing them with customisable content suggestions.

Staff are rewarded with in-app points and badges, while John Lewis is able to track its staff’s engagement via the Qubist system.

“The passion and knowledge of our partners is very powerful and inspiring,” John Lewis social marketing senior manager Eva Bojtos said.

“Giving them a way in which to connect personally with customers online provides a deeper more meaningful relationship.”

The retailer trialled the app across eight stores this Christmas, allowing staff to start sharing its Christmas advert across social media two hours before John Lewis’ official channels using the hashtag #WeArePartners.

This helped its The Boy and the Piano advert featuring Elton John go viral.

“The #WeArePartners programme is already delivering some great results,” Bojtos said.

“We have seen a direct correlation between the activity on the Qubist app and appointments in-store such as with our personal stylists.”

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  1. So, they want their staff to sing their praises, yet have decided to not pay their annual bonuses?

    Disgusting! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. What the company is not telling you is that they are asking ( sorry telling)their staff ( I say staff not partner because your really not a partner unless you are at the very top of John Lewis) that they have to use their own Personal social media accounts ( you only get a bissnes one if you are something like a Fashion advisor ) and connect them to the app. So you will have all the fun of people you don’t know knowing who you are and where you work. Any one who hads friends who work at JLP will also find that there feeds will get filled with JLP stuff – it’s already happening with mine! Now when I worked for them and this was just being rolled out we where told that we would not be judged as to if we did or did not post but I really would not be surprised if that has or is about to change. We also brought up the safety element of using our own accounts but was told it was not financially possible to give everyone a business account and that if we made our own new ones just for this purpose we would start of with 0 followers instead of all the ones we already have so would be behind every one else on point etc!


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