Retail Gazette Loves: River Island’s #ThisIsFamily campaign

River island #thisisfamily

River Island has just launched a new marketing campaign that seeks to celebrate the diversity of families, while challenging the notion of what “family” represents in 2019.

The #ThisIsFamily campaign, created in conjunction with Studio Blvd, will run in-store and on River Island’s owned channels as well as digital and social.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the growth of blended families, non-biological families, multi-ethnic families, same-sex parent families and single parent families.

It challenged outdated labels and stereotypes with images showing off the love, pride and unity that the modern family represents.

River Island#ThisIsFamily is centred on representing the true modern family and this continues to underscore the fashion retailer’s pledge to celebrate inclusivity.

“Our #ThisIsFamily’ campaign created with Studio Bvld seeks to re-address outdated labels and family stereotypes,” River Island head of brand marketing Angela Asiedua said.

“At River Island, celebrating our customers alongside championing diversity and inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do as a brand.

“It’s our hope that this new campaign continues that story.”

River Island

The campaign was created on the back of Studio Blvd’s Labels are for Clothes campaign for River Island last year.

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