Retail Gazette Loves: Snapchat & Lego Wear’s AR boutique

Snapchat Lego

If you were in London’s Fitzrovia neighbourhood yesterday, you may have seen a store with nothing in it other than a Snapchat scan code on the window.

Lego Wear and Snapchat teamed up to open a whimsical pop-up store to give shoppers the opportunity to immerse themselves in an augmented reality fashion boutique.

Kabooki, the company behind the Lego Wear license, launched a limited edition clothing range for adults, and the one day pop-up was set up to celebrate this launch, where Snapchat was utilised as a platform to offer customers their first AR shopping experience.

Lego wear Snapchat

The launch took place at the same time as London Fashion Week in London, and is a global first for Snapchat.

The new initiative was also brought about to promote Kabooki’s collection across the UK, France and Germany, as well as boost Lego Wear’s ecommerce sales.

By opening Snapchat, shoppers were immediately taken to the virtual boutique.

They were able to order clothes, play with the interactive DJ booth and an arcade machine as well as view exclusive products modelled on Lego mannequins.

Lego wear Snapchat

The campaign also didn’t leave out those who weren’t able to leave their house or office, as they could still access the AR experience by scanning the Snapcode from the comfort of their own home.

“We’re an innovative, playful brand at heart and part of that is exploring new digital channels and technologies,” Lego Group social media innovation lead Lea Sandell said.

“This was an unique opportunity to collaborate with Kabooki on their brand new limited edition product for adults and tap into both the sense of style and the nostalgia of that audience – while exploring that interesting space where the digital and physical worlds merge.”

Lego wear Snapchat

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