Aldi launches self-service checkouts

Aldi self-service
// Aldi trials its first ever self-service checkouts
// First automated tills being piloted in Tamworth, Staffordshire

Aldi has finally caught up with its competitors with the launch of its first ever self-service checkout tills.

Currently being piloted at the discount grocer’s Glascote store in Tamworth, Staffordshire, Aldi said the trial of the new system of automated tills will be evaluated before a decision on further roll outs is made.

Other supermarket giants, including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons already use self-serve checkouts.

Aldi’s main competitor Lidl has them in 150 and its 740 UK stores.

“As well as providing outstanding quality products at unbeatable prices, we are focused on giving our customers a quick and simple experience in our stores,” Aldi UK communications director Richard Thornton said.

“We think these new checkouts will help further improve that experience and we are looking forward to seeing how customers respond to this extra option at our Glascote store.”

The new self-service tills follows Aldi’s launch of a smaller inner-city store format in Balham, south London.

Aldi said this was not a move into convenience retailing, and that the Balham store – at 6500sq ft – is still twice the size of a typical convenience store.

However, the store in question sells 300 fewer products than a regular-sized Aldi, and does not have a Special Buy section.

The Aldi Local concept is only being trialled at Balham for the time being, and the results would be evaluated before deciding whether to roll out the concept and branding.

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  1. My son went to our Tonbrige branch of Aldi to get me 3 tins of dog food. Queues at checkouts were so long he put them back on the shelf. One customer lost. Needs self service. Would help people who need to pop in quickly for a couple of items.

  2. You don’t have to open self serve tills. open a couple of basket tills instead don’t use this as an excuse to get rid of more people’s jobs

  3. Used these self serve tills in Tamworth today. Absolutely the right way to go. As a daily shopper rather than a weekly big shopper it’s just put Aldi at the top for me. Great range and now a breeze through the tills. Definitely the way forward.

  4. I’ll love that I hate when they throw the stuff in the carts and my blueberries end up on the floor and they ask if I would go get more and I tell them you throw them you go get more.

  5. Please don’t have self service tills. I agree with Ade. Open a basket only till, don’t get rid of staff and don’t bring in automated. Anti-social non-human interactive shopping.

  6. This is my local Aldi and it’s always busy and the staff are great. Self service is a great idea especially seeing the store is always had loads of people there.

  7. As long they work properly and dont keep saying “unexpected itiem in bagging area” like a certian Bradford based supermarket ones do.

  8. Terrible experience in Lidl Blaydon, Tyne and Wear. Big queues with one poor member of staff running round trying to get the things to work. No option to use a staffed checkout either. Was sorely tempted to dump the shopping and walk out. Will avoid this store in the future.


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