Asda faces pressure from MPs to end new pay proposals

Asda MPs
// Asda faces growing pressure from MPs to end new pay proposals
// Over 150 MPs signed a letter denouncing Asda for attempting to push through “unscrupulous contract changes”

Asda is facing pressure from MPs to end its condemned new pay proposals for employees.

More than 150 MPs signed a letter enclosed by Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh denouncing Asda for attempting to push through “unscrupulous contract changes”, which could leave up to 3000 staff worse off.

Asda chief executive Roger Burnley is set to receive the letter.

Asda said last month that it was speaking with staff over proposals to simplify its terms for its hourly paid workers.

The grocer said it aimed to raise the basic rate of pay to £9 per hour for all shop-floor staff.

However, McDonagh’s letter accused Asda of using the new rates of pay as a “smokescreen” for axing unpaid breaks, according to City AM.

McDonagh called on the business to “ensure that no Asda employee receives a pay cut” following the changes.

Asda said 95 per cent of workers would be better off with the proposed changes, while McDonagh argued that 2700 employees would lose as much as £500 per year.

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  1. Where was all this condemnation of unpaid breaks when Sainsbury’s bosses pushed through the new contracts for their workers

  2. Sainsbury staff my not have been worse off fred has Sainsbury’s staff are already higher paid than asda.

  3. I hope the MP’s give Walmart the aggro it rightly deserves.
    Not much to lose as they’ve expressed an interest in exiting the UK.
    Now it’s payback time.

  4. I work for Asda and I certainly don’t want to be forced to accept the new contract. I will lose money because at present I get paid for my 15 or 20 minute break and I would be forced to work bank holidays whereas at present I only have to agree to do two a year. It’s certainly not worth the extra pence especially when you consider as the minimum wage rises it will soon be £9 an hour anyway so I would have had to give up these things for nothing and lost money onto the bargain

  5. my Wife works there.Its a back door to using the staff how and when they want.
    Not just no paid Breaks but forcing them to work Bank Holiday Mondays , even if they dont work Mondays now.
    Working later hours and different days than current ones.
    Moving to other Depts of the store that they may not be able to cope with.

  6. I worked 10 years for asda.i witnessed bullying and sexual harassment from the leigh branch. They are the worst retail branch to work for.

  7. My husband works for Asda and he was saying that they are getting a years back pay this month does anybody know what is happening there we live in belfast


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