Debenhams announces store closures

Debenhams store closures
// Debenhams to close 30 stores to keep up with online competition
// Debenhams may convert some spaces for other uses, such as cinemas

Debenhams has announced at least thirty stores will be downsized in an attempt to survive online competition, according to chairman Terry Duddy.

This is the department store chain’s first stage of its recovery plan as it plans to shrink about a third of its remaining stores as well as receiving approval for the closures of over 50 shops from lenders and landlords in April.

Duddy told The Mail on Sunday that Debenhams may convert some spaces for other uses, such as cinemas.

The chairman also said that the ideal size for a store would depend on the size of a town but is about 100,000sq ft – half the size of Debenhams’ most significant stores which can exceed 200,000sq ft.

“Of the 100 stores, we will be having conversations about what would be the right size for that location, so in some cases we need to be on three floors rather than five,” Duddy said.

Debenhams currently has 165 shops and 25,000 staff members.

The chain has struggled for over a decade under onerous leases and debts that have reached £1.1 billion.

A fifth of retail has shifted to online, but business rates have not been reduced.

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  1. Please leave the one in Bury St Edmunds as it is the only department store left in our area and it is a brilliant place.

    • I would hate to see Stratford upon Avon store to close as I worked in that department store for 22 years and was a good place to work. Only down fall with the store is head office trying to push staff to open account cards and the internet killing the footfall of the business.
      Stratford Is a tourist town and really don’t have too much to offer as a way of shops in the town centre as it’s mainly coffee shops and restaurants these days.
      Really feel you should look at going back to basics and rebuilding the structure and listen to what customers want…. we would like to see decent prices as people feel it’s too expensive and something for everyone like young, middle age and the older generation.

  2. Please don’t close our Debenhams in Newport South Wales, as the shop is fabulous and so are all the staff. I do most of my shopping there and want to continue.

  3. Please dont close the Swansea branch, I worked there years ago its a lovely shop thoose girls have been there for years. If the Swansea brach closes there will be nothing left at all in Swansea it will have a knock on effect with the quadrant. It will be like ghost town. The bus depo is right there its so handy to shop at Debenhams straight from the Bus and home again .

  4. Please do not close the wigan store, as I love the shop, the staff are lovely friendly and pleasant and I go in there alot x

  5. Please please don’t close the Falkirk store. This will definitely be the end of Falkirk town centre if it closes. It’s so sad. Falkirk used to be a nice wee place to spend the afternoon.

  6. As I predicted Mr Ashcroft and other shareholders and shareholders are launching legal challenges over the cva and its rushed timetable.

    I do think there is grounds for a challenge on impartiality equity and undue influence of secured lenders to secure their interests vi’s vi’s anyone else say shareholders. The closure strategy is likely to lead to a glut of retail property not easily configurated to other uses. There are grounds for this challenge in my view and that stakeholders and landlords misled in to agreeing cva before the apparent closure strategy is published.

  7. If you shut the one in Basildon, I will have no where else to shop. Debenhams is my favourite store. So sad that it has come to this.

  8. Please don’t shut the gravesend store although the toilets are a bit of a issue but that is what happens when the public all miss use stuff ..this store has the most amazing staff always happy to go out and help you and would be a shame to lose thos store


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