Waitrose to launch training scheme for over 200 staff

// Waitrose to train its fishmongers and butchers as part of new scheme
// 200 staff to be trained if scheme proves successful

Waitrose has revealed it is investing in a training scheme for its fishmongers and butchers to provide a more valuable customer experience.

The grocer is also seeking ways to differentiate itself from its competitors.

The scheme involves training 10 fishmongers and 10 butchers, and could be extended to a further 200 staff if successful.

Waitrose’s butchers will be taught cooking techniques and butchery skills, while the fishmonger course will cover sustainability and skilled filleting techniques.

Meanwhile, 200 staff working on Waitrose’s meat counters are also being trained to offer a more personalised service and customised meat joints.

“Service counters are the jewel in our crown,” Waitrose director of food service Simon Burdess said.

“They give us a unique opportunity to offer our customers an outstanding level of service – whether they are looking for something special, personalised or with less packaging.

“We want to ensure they stand out even more by developing the skills of our partners to a higher level, as well as ensuring we offer the very best, most distinctive produce on our counters,” he said.

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  1. Waitrose have lost the plot. It would help if they managed to get the basics correct. Simple stuff like price ticketing, O.S.A., Wastage, poor signage. Surely there must be someone in store to constantly monitor signage, the frequency of promotions incorrectly ticketed is vast. Too many redundant promotion tickets, too many tickets against the wrong pack size. Frankly the staff training needs to be more basic than training butchers, although I agree, most do not what they are talking about when questioned. I’m not convinced the premium one is expected to pay for shopping here is actually worth it!


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