The Future of Retail – 2020 and Beyond


Retail in the UK is evolving.

Over-expansion of shopping centres, an evolving workforce, changing legislation, and new spending patterns are forcing everyone in the industry to adapt. While these structural changes present a huge challenge for the majority of retailers, they inherently carry an opportunity that the few who adapt swiftly can leverage.

One of the largest, previously untouched, opportunities for optimisation lies with frontline employees.

It’s a well-known fact that communication breaks down at the store level, where 80% of the workforce resides. Printed schedules, messages on bulletin boards, and phone calls are a few hallmarks of outdated modes of communication that eat into budgets, revenues, and profits alike.

A small number of industry leaders have started to transform their frontline employees with digital workplace technology and are seeing impressive results:

  • communication improvements
  • a surge in employee engagement
  • increased trust in management
  • enhanced store execution
  • improved sales and profit

The overall corporate culture is being positively affected.

If you would like to learn more about the current changes in the industry and how you can leverage them to your advantage, you can access WorkJam’s white paper  here.


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