Hands On With the Samsung KX store

Samsung's new KX store includes a bunch of experiences, events and workshops to allow visitors to get involved, as well as give them a glimpse into future technology. With connected kitchens, a gaming lounge and the world's first digital cockpit, Retail Gazette paid a visit to this one-of-a-kind destination

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Samsung's new KX store is located in Kings Cross' Coal Drops Yard.

Samsung KX has opened a store in Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross – but it’s not like any regular store. It’s a haven for Samsung lovers.

First things first. Visitors can’t actually purchase products in store as there aren’t any tills nor are there price tags on any of the products. Instead, Samsung has offered an experience that’s one of a kind.


Samsung recently launched the 20,000sq ft store to offer guests a range of experiences, events and skill-sharing workshops curated in partnership with several local community groups including Central St Martin’s and University College London.

Located within the visually stunning architectural feature known as the “kissing point” that hovers above the regenerated Coal Drops Yard, the new store features wide open spaces, gaming lounges, connected kitchens and 3D printing stations, as well as the world’s first digital car cockpit.

There are also a bunch of headphone listening stations, a cafe, and sofas where you can sit and see the TVs in action.


Upon entering, visitors can view Samsung’s “Wall” – a new innovation using MicroLED technology to create a super-sized bespoke display, built to specifications and made-to-measure for any space.

Samsung’s “Wall” is similar to a giant TV

There is also a connected kitchen with supplies that show off Samsung’s technology.

Visitors can comfortably relax in this space, where they can use the table to work on their laptops or chat with a friend.

The kitchens allow visitors to sit down and relax

The gaming lounge allows visitors to experience the latest Xbox games on a high-resolution Samsung TV.

Visitors can also view the latest innovations, such as a gaming console that’s been created exclusively for Galaxy Note holders.

The new gaming console allows users to play through their Galaxy Note smartphone

Samsung KX also allows users to create collages of themselves through a printing machine – and they can share this innovation on their social media networks.

Visitors can print out personalised collage photos from Samsung’s printing machine

Meanwhile, the world’s first digital cockpit brings to life the future of automotive.

Guests can explore revolutionary in-car features including intelligence assistant Bixby that allows the driver to control the radio simply by saying phrases such as “play next song”.

The technology includes a memory system that alerts the driver when they are distracted or drowsy.

The innovation doesn’t end there, as Samsung’s smart home connectivity controls enable users to check inside their fridge or answer the doorbell directly from their front seat.


The store features a dedicated Support Lounge, which is a space created to assist customers with their needs, whether it’s to help with choosing their next mobile, TV, or smartwatch.

The lounge also offers live product tutorials, free device health checks and product repairs.

The Support Lounge is similar to Apple’s Genius Bar


Undoubtedly, the store is designed for tech geeks and Samsung lovers, with lots of parallels to the flagship stores for Apple and Microsoft.

Samsung also aims to bring together local culture and unique innovation with the global community including both London residents and visitors.

The destination serves as a live example of how well technology could perform in the near future.

It offers a multi-sensory experience to allow visitors to discover and learn, powered by Samsung innovation.

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