Consumers demand retailers partner to provide Click & Collect services

New Barclaycard research revealed that consumer appetite for Click & Collect services has grown. A third of retailers who offer Click & Collect have seen in-store sales increase as 68 per cent of shoppers are now choosing to pick up online orders in-store.
Barclaycard's research showed that six in ten consumers want retailers to partner so they can collect orders in more locations.
// Nine in 10 retailers are planning to invest in click-and-collect services over the next five years, according to Barclaycard
// Store closures reshaping the nation’s high streets, businesses need to find new ways for shoppers to collect parcels
// Six in 10 consumers want retailers to partner together so they can collect purchases in more locations

The appetite for click-and-collect services has grown, with new research suggesting consumers want more retailers to team up in order to offer it in more convenient locations.

According to Barclaycard, a third of retailers who offer click-and-collect have seen store sales increase as 68 per cent of shoppers are now choosing to pick up online orders in-store.

Since store closures are becoming common on the high-street, 60 per cent of Brits are urging retailers to partner up so they can collect purchases in more locations.

John Lewis recently extended its click-and-collect trial with the Co-op while Amazon allows customers to collect packages from Next stores.


Despite consumer demand, less than one in five retailers offer third-party collection services that allow shoppers to pick up purchases from other locations such as local corner shops or lockers.

“With the retail sector facing unprecedented challenges, investing in click-and-collect partnerships should be part of a long-term strategy for retailers to encourage shoppers into stores and respond to the changing shape of the nation’s high streets,” Barclaycard payment solutions director Kirsty Morris said.

Barclaycard’s research found that 85 per cent of customers buy additional items in-store when using click-and-collect.

The UK click-and-collect market is set to grow 45 per cent, with an estimated value of almost £10 billion by 2023.

Nine in 10 retailers will capitalise on this demand with plans to invest in the service over the next five years.

Convenience appears to be a leading factor of the trend, with 42 per cent of consumers saying that they rely on click-and-collect services because they are out during the day, and 15 per cent choose the option because they can’t send their deliveries to work.

Meanwhile, more than 70 per cent of retailers report reduced return volumes with the service, saving them the cost of processing refunds and restocking goods.

 “Not only does click-and-collect offer merchants the opportunity to increase sales, our research shows it can improve the overall customer experience as a complement to online shopping, while reducing return volumes too,” Morris said.

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