Aldi raises minimum wage amid UK expansion plans

Aldi Giles Hurley pay rise expansion
Aldi is one of the few grocers that pays its colleagues for breaks taken during their shift
// Aldi increases hourly pay rates for store colleagues in the UK
// The new rates now exceed the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended pay rates
// It will be recruiting over 3800 store-level positions this year

Aldi has increased the hourly pay rates for its UK store colleagues from £9.10 and £10.55 per hour to £9.40 nationally and £10.90 inside the M25, effective February 1.

The German discounter’s new rates now exceed the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended pay rates.

Aldi is also one of the few grocers that pays its colleagues for breaks taken during their shift.

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The retailer has also said it will be recruiting over 3800 store-level positions this year.

“The dedication and commitment our store colleagues deliver every day when serving our customers underpins our success,” Aldi UK chief executive Giles Hurley said.

“We have the most efficient and productive workforce, and this is why they earn the highest rates of pay in the grocery sector.”

Aldi currently has 874 stores in the UK and said it remains on track to achieve its long-term target of 1200 UK stores by 2025.

“We want to recruit the best people in retail, invest in their training and provide them with the opportunity to develop their careers with Aldi as our business grows.”

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  1. They are dangling a carrot by raising the starting wage to entice more applicants. But the more experienced, longer serving staff get far less. In fact, they don’t get a pay rise. They get a single money bonus which equates to half the yearly raise for staff working under two years for the company.

  2. @Anonymous person
    Are you actually moaning about being given a bonus? If you work for Aldi you are already paid for every minute you work due to their clock in system. You are paid for breaks and clearly on more than the minimum £9.40 an hour. Complaining that you are getting a single money bonus at a time when other retailers are closing stores or sliming down their workforce is shameful.

  3. Aldi and Lidl are absorbing more and more experienced supervisors and managers. It affected Iceland who put up their wages a while back… as for the big four… why work there even as a Sales Assistant when you can move over to Aldi Iceland and Lidl and be paid more? Staff turnover at the big four must be getting higher and higher as more of the other three open.

  4. Yes, we are complaining. We work our arses off everyday. No slacking on tills for 10 hours a day, get reports of ‘best Christmas ever’ and they hit you with a measly £250. No wage increase for two years running, it’s a joke. They will be losing thousands of dedicated long term staff because of this.

  5. @yet another anonymous you work your ass off and get paid more than you would from any other retailer for it. You didn’t get a pay increase because you are already better paid than other Store Assistants who do they same job as you. How can you think it’s fair to increase the gap in pay between people with the same responsibilities? Are their pallets smaller?
    I doubt ‘thousands of dedicated long term staff’ will leave given Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have just announced job cuts and along with Tesco and Asda still pay less.
    Donate your £250 to the TCT if it offends you so much.

  6. Tesco get a lot less no paid breaks 9 pounds an hour 9.20 from November no bonus if you add the break payment there on 11.80 every hour worked so I would not moan to much until you see what other firms get


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