Coronavirus: McColl’s stores safe enough to stay open, CEO says

McColl's covid-19 pandemic Jonathan Miller
McColl's said all its stores are currently open and "well-placed" to serve communities
// McColl’s stores are currently open across the UK during Covid-19 pandemic
// The retailer said it is closely monitoring government advice

McColl’s has put in place a range of policies designed to protect colleagues and customers to keep its stores open amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The British convenience retailer said given the period of uncertainty and unprecedented disruption, its priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of its staff and customers.

“We continue to closely monitor the latest government advice and offer our support to the government to help serve local communities across the UK,” McColl’s said.


The retailer said all its stores were currently open and “well-placed” to serve communities.

Corner stores and food retailers are listed as exceptions from the lockdown announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night, as they offer an essential service.

Meanwhile, McColl’s has enabled its head office to support its stores via remote working arrangements.

McColl’s also said it is continuing to work with its wholesale partners, while investigating complementary channels, to supply the in-demand products for customers.

The news comes after supermarkets across the UK reported a surge in demand of staple products, as customers stockpiled after the outbreak raised fears.

Almost all of the major supermarket chains have even begun rationing products to two or three per person in a bid to prevent panic-buying.

Regarding the outbreak, McColl’s said: “We have also prudently modelled a range of potential future downside scenarios, which we are confident we have the financial and operational flexibility to deal with.”

McColl’s chief executive Jonathan Miller added: “Given the situation, we urge our customers – over half of whom live within just 400 million of our stores – to buy only what they need and to help the elderly and vulnerable with their shopping needs if they are able to do so.”

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    • As a staff member i can honestly say we have no protection. This company only value money instead of paying for P.P.E for their staff.

  1. Most stores are allowed to open late and close early ( 7am until 8pm) but not mine we are still open 5am until 10pm there is very little hand sanitizer or spray for surfaces and we cant order it anymore

  2. My partner works in a McColl’s. No sanitiser. No PPE. Very little action or direction from management. No enforcement of social distancing. The plane is a shambles and the company making ANY reference to “the health, safety and wellbeing of its staff” is worse than a joke. It’s insulting..

  3. I know what you mean, they couldn’t care less about their staff, I know my AM & RM are loving the sales increase and cant do enough to get extra stock into the stores but won’t give us any extra hours to help us deal with the extra customers or help with the extra stock coming into the store, and yet they go on how much they care about us, it’s ok for them they can stay 2m apart from anyone, we cant from each other or customers, they and everyone at head office are perfectly safe while us on the frontline in their stores are risking our lives for their greed

  4. Totally agree.

    No compassion for people, not prepared to go on the front line.

    But hey, New magazine is only £1.

    Can only order one mop head every 3 weeks!

    Think HSE, EHO, and Trading Standards should take a serious look at these people.

    The customers are only safe because under the most extreme pressures the staff still care.

  5. Time for staff to be getting a bit extra pay as theyvare putting themselves at risk everyday to help keep stores open
    Also staff who are on salary(management)should be getting extra pay or atleast overtime for doing well above there hours due to staff shortages due to coronavirus isolations
    Come on mccolls appreciate what your staff are doing everyday to keep.stores open and the cash coming in

  6. This virus is a killer and McColls quibble over spending money for cleaning equipment.
    Not even got tape to put on the floor or hand sanitiser. They don’t care about staff safety, it’s all about money.
    Neighbourhoods favourite shop, having a laugh.
    Staff still threatened with disciplinary if they don’t sell enough chocolate.

  7. All other supermarkets are paying staff 10% extra and giving extra hours.
    Our team are lone working and have been told we will get an hours cut as we haven’t taken enough money. I’m not safe and my customers are not safe.
    Make them close Boris.

  8. My Son works in McColls and there is no protection, no screens or gloves are provided and I’m at home “self isolating”. McColl’s, you should be ashamed for not protecting the “valued” staff in your shops. What about the families of the staff? We are not safe or protected either. You make us sick, McColl’s.

    • My son also works for them.screens just gone up by one of the protective gear at all.some people have left gloves for them and have commented about them not having any protection.they’ve been told gloves on the way.that was over a week’s not on.people’s lives at risk including my sonson.

  9. My nephew is being made to go back to work next week with this company. He had a couple of weeks off as he was worried about the customer contact affecting his home life.He has a younger brother at home being sheltered with cystic fibrosis, He and my sister are so worried for them all. They won’t furlough him even though the situation could be life threatening, and he needs to help out with money shocking that these companies have no respect for their staff but profits before health as usual.

  10. As a worker in one of Mcoll’s stores I have been instructed specifically -not- to wear any form of mask despite the fact that it is impossible to enforce any form of social distancing with the increase of traffic regarding customers.
    The “screens” that have been sent out don’t even conform to the till area and leave wide gaps at either side as well as being shorter than myself.
    On top of that a majority of our customers are buying non-essential items or continually flouting the lock-down orders (Looking at you, Mr. Three Visits a day) and we absolutely no authority to refuse these customer’s from the premises.

    People working at Mccoll’s are going to die.

  11. in light of the current situation covid19 i wasnt impressed when i entered one of your stores today i asked the so called manageress or team leader had the baskets been cleaned for each customer her reaction was yes so as i lifted the basket she then said i think so she asked the checkout girl had she cleaned them she said not yet and asked did i want it to be cleaned my response was its a bit late now that ive already touched it then they both sniggered behind the till obviously they are not taking this virus seriously baskets need to be cleaned for each customer.wont be shopping in there again not impressed


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