Coronavirus: M&S launches online “food boxes” for vulnerable customers

M&S food boxes covid-19 coronavirus
The boxes contain essential products and are priced at £30
// M&S has released food boxes packed with essentials to support vulnerable customers unable to pop into stores
// The boxes are filled with staple products

Marks & Spencer has launched new online “food boxes” to help vulnerable customers find kitchen essentials amid the coronavirus pandemic.

M&S said it will give priority to customers over 70, identified via its loyalty scheme Sparks, who may be finding it more challenging to buy essentials.

The boxes are filled with over 20 kitchen and household essentials, from pasta, rice, curries and cooking sauces to sweets, and is priced at £30.


The retailer has also offered a contact-free delivery option to ensure maximum safety measures for its colleagues and customers.

The news comes after the government announced a full lockdown and demanded that the public stay home unless for essential shopping or exercise.

However, while M&S launches online food boxes to ensure customers stay home, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Iceland last week urged “healthy” shoppers to travel into supermarkets as often as they can so that delivery slots are made available for the elderly and vulnerable.

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  1. OK good idea, why is there an age limit of 70, my wife is 69 and has COPD, and I have early onset Dementia we have been told to stay in for 12 weeks. We have done everything possible to get a supermarket delivery only to be told we are waiting for the Government list to be given to the supermarket’s to contact and process the list of vulnerable people of which we are.
    Whilst the system is a good idea it is also full of delay and inaction.
    If this continues I will have to break the rules and put my wife at risk to get goods from a supermarket.

  2. My self and husband in Isolation due to my husband has no amunne system over 70he had heart attack 4 months ago

  3. I’ve had letter saying stay in for 12 weeks how do i find out about these boxes I’ve not had any help from gov

  4. We are in the vulnerable age and had no help at all my husband is 76 in July I am 74 with COPD ANGINA BLOOD PRESSURE AND SO ON we have been offered no help at all our food is going low to nothing and I wonder where there is any help at all

  5. Have a look at the picture and see can you (in all honesty) see the value. I struggle to get it to add up to £30. The cost price is probably below £10. Shame on M&S. But they aren’t on their own.

  6. Would someone at Retail Gazette contact the two people who have made comments and mentioned they can’t get out to see can we help?

  7. My wife (87) with Blood Pressure, and I (89) with Heart Failure. Getting delivery anywhere is hopeless with slots being full, whenever you try for a slot.
    Fortunately our neighbours have help out with Bread & Milk. Are we eligible for an essentials box?

  8. I am 70 years old & been told to stay in for 12 weeks. I phoned the local Volunteer help line to ask if someone could pick up a prescription for me, but was told as I have not recieved a letter, (only being sent out the very vulnerable)I could not get help. So I have no choice but to go out & get my prescription & some essential shopping.

  9. Sounds a lovely idea the food boxes. My husband is vulnerable with heart and lung disease. I’d be happy to have a box delivered. Many thanks for all your hard work

  10. I’ve had and M&S store/charge card for fifty years, but I don’t have a Sparks card. Does this mean I’m not eligible to order a box, despite being nearly 80?

  11. Hi….
    i’m 50 i have underlying problems, and it’s recommended i dont go out…..
    what are my chances ?
    i’m not working because of this. no income coming in

  12. How do 70+people obtain these food boxes.
    Do you send an e mail out and then we can respond. If not, tell me what the procedure is please.

  13. I had 1 of these boxes sent to my sister in Wiltshire who has just been discharged from hospital following a stem cell transplant– she was delighted – thank you


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