Coronavirus: Tesco 24-hour stores reduce opening hours

Tesco covid-19 opening hours
Despite the reduced hours, there will be no cut in pay
// Tesco will reduce opening times to manage disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak
// Tesco’s 24-hour stores will now open between 6am and 10pm

Tesco said that hundreds of its 24-hour stores have had their opening hours reduced in a bid to manage any disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

The move took place on Tuesday, with bosses deciding to close all 24-hour stores at 10pm, reopening at 6am on Wednesday morning.

They will continue to open between 6am and 10pm for the immediate future.


Despite the reduced hours, there will be no cut in pay, Tesco said.

Details are being updated online with new store opening times.

“We are changing these store hours to ensure we can serve customers better at this time,” a Tesco spokeswoman said.

“It gives our colleagues the time overnight to restock the store, replenish the shelves and support our online grocery service at a time when demand is high.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Morrisons revealed a series of packages to protect staff and announce an expansion of its online operations – including 3500 new jobs.

Supermarkets have seen a surge in shoppers stocking up on essentials, although they have said supply chains are working well.

In a joint letter on Sunday, grocers introduced their “feed the nation” plans to ensure shelves are stocked.

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  1. Hi are you opening on sundays 1 hour early to allow us pensioners to shop without the crowds
    Morwenna Crook
    78 years old .

    • In the U.K. last month , people said ‘Be Kind’.
      One month later and everybody is stripping the shelves so the elderly and emergency workers cannot get food.
      It’s disgusting !

    • Why isn’t Tesco dedicating slot for workers?
      Just because we don’t have all day to go from shop to shop doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the right to buy food.
      Tax payers are people too.

  2. Do the right thing Tesco help the older generation the vulnerable and disabled. You really need to Sainsburys are doing so

  3. Other supermarkets have slots for Vulnerable people and disabled this is not Happening in Tesco Kingston Park its time Tesco woke up

  4. How will it work when opening at 6am and allowing pensioners between 9-10am. Will everyone else other than pensioners suddenly required to leave the store at 9am.

  5. Totally agree with Paul Bell how do u let pensioners in 9-10 am when everybody else have cleared the shelves from

  6. Can tesco let us pensions know why they are offer us for example 8am to 9am and this will be tesco opening at 8am rather than 6am etc
    Sainsbury is offering these kind of times
    We have to ask for help and consideration at these times we OAP’S will not empty out the supermarkets we will consider others at all times, but you must help us and the NHS workers.

    We can do without large queues and less panic

    Help help help us and in turn we will stay as fit as we can and help reduce this infection taking over all of our life’s


  7. Having queued from 7.30 to 8 .00 am being a pensioner to get the eluding mystical toilet paper I did get some but by the time I got to the check out I did look and the toilet paper isle and it had already been emptied so for those pensioners coming at 9 am, hey ho once more you’ve missed the boa!,
    something that works needs to be put in place, please , thank you

  8. Agreed to all.

    But the biggest problem I’m seeing in any of my local supermarkets in Aylesbury, not just Tesco, is people driving for miles out of their way to go to shops in other towns/cities.

    That needs to stop.

    Or at least to be slowed down.

    I’ve seen several incidents, but one comes directly to mind, where a bloke had driven from Essex, to Aylesbury and was trying to buy 40 loaves of bread, and threatening staff who were trying to stop him.
    There’s a lot of that going on.

    Come on people, stop acting like this, we all need shopping.

  9. I think if stores stayed open 24 hours there wouldn’t be as many customers rushing all at once. My one is that busy we struggle to sometimes fill the ailse due to so many people being in the store at once. Need a traffic light system haha.


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