Sainsbury’s new CEO Simon Roberts announces 2 key senior appointments

Sainsbury's new CEO Simon Roberts announces 2 key senior appointments
Simon Roberts has started in his new role as Sainsbury's CEO, replacing Mike Coupe.
// Sainsbury’s new CEO Simon Roberts adapts senior executive team on first day on the job
// Clo Moriarty takes on new role of retail and digital director
// Chief marketing officer Mark Given promoted to the operating board

Sainsbury’s new chief executive Simon Roberts has wasted no time on his first day on the job by announcing two key changes to the Big 4 grocer’s operating board.

Clo Moriarty, previously chief digital director, will take on the new role of retail and digital director.

Meanwhile, chief markeing officer Mark Given has been promoted to Sainsbury’s operating board.


The appointments, effective immediately, were announced by Roberts to colleagues as he became the new chief executive this morning, replacing Mike Coupe.

“As our customers’ lives have changed over the last two months, so have we,” Roberts said.

“What I am most proud of is the way that we have constantly listened to our customers and quickly adapted to what they have told us.

“Bringing together our retail and digital teams under Clo’s leadership will create a business that shows up in the same way for customers wherever they shop with us.

“Mark’s appointment to the operating board will ensure that we really understand how customers are feeling, what they’re thinking and how this affects the way they shop.”

Roberts added that he would spend part of his first day with customers in listening groups.

“I am really looking forward to hearing directly from people about what they want from us so we can change and adapt to ensure we are always meeting their needs,” he said.

Moriarty has been at Sainsbury’s for 10 years, most recently leading the business’s digital strategy.

In her new role, she will take on additional responsibility for Sainsbury’s and Argos stores.

Combining the retail and digital teams under Moriarty’s leadership aims to bring Argos and its channels closer together and ensure customers experience an integrated and seamless experience.

Meanwhile, Given has been at Sainsbury’s for more than seven years in senior marketing roles.

As well as responsibility for all brand and customer communications across Sainsbury’s, Argos and Tu clothing, he looks after customer insight, marketing strategy and planning, CRM & Loyalty and all digital marking.

He is also accountable for the Nectar business.

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  1. My husband has here going through chemotherapy since the lock down I have shopped at Sainsbury on line every week. I ordered their 6 bottles of asti on the offer and 2 tons of quality street and 1 box of celebrations The morning they were to be here they has none We cannot get to the shops because of the pandemic I feel we are being penalized for being ill and not treated with the same respect as the people how can shop in store I think I will have to not shop there any more as they have just cut my shopping basket by a third

  2. Hello Simon ceo, I have been buying 2lt bottles of vimto from Sainsbury’s for a very long time , it’s been £2 it’s been £1.95 , it’s now £3.40 a bottle , I bought some because that’s all I drink, but I won’t be buying it any more , I will travel to Tesco’s and get it for £1 .95 . How can you justify a price change that much , I spent £75 in store this week , what other things have gone up that I don’t know of, I know my shopping bill has gone up , but I will not be shopping there until prices have gone down, Tesco here I come . Yours julie scott

  3. Sorry Simon the price of vimto I got wrong , looking at my receipt It cost me £3.70. That’s a disgrace from £2 nearly double Tesco’s here I come

  4. Sorry Simon. You have made no change. I purchased a bathroom on a Sainsbury card agreement. We cancelled the order within the terms of the agreement and then the Sainsbury credit card scam began. The store manager at Battersea did not bother to put the cancellation through. The last time we rang to chase it it was still sitting on his desk. As usual we were told by the assistant store manager he would sort it out the next day. Nothing happened and Sainsbury’s Argos cards say he Still has to Put through the cancellation. Therefore full of hope I emailed you. One of your minions replied with a standard letter. She had not even grasped the problem. This is nothing other than fraudulent behaviour. Shame on you. Barbara

    • I’ve got the same problem, they’ve stolen over £30 off me before at the beginning of the pandemic now I refused delivery because they didn’t bag anything and I’m disabled I have not received my £109.30 refund they keep phoning trying to get my card details I told them I’ve already provided them at the point of order and I’m giving it over the phone I’ve asked to speak managers but have been refused I’m accused of being aggressive and making false accusations yet I still don’t have my refund. My order was on 29 October I requested a cheque but they claim they can’t send cheques all they want are my credit card details. Staff that are working from home, I don’t know who they are, who else is in the house who else had access or even if they are genuine no I won’t give my details. Every retailer you place an order with online refund the original method of payment from the details from the original order. Sainsburys say “do you want a refund on your card or store credit” this is a scam to force people to take store credit otherwise they steal your money I’m taking it to the papers now. The way sainsburys treat disabled customers and customers who are shielding is disgusting. I’m disabled and shielding and not one of their delivery drivers are wearing masks and your expected to unpack their crates and take your shopping in individually they treat disabled customers the same in store I’ve tried shopping I store as well but they don’t have tills open tgat accommodate wheelchair or mobility scooter users I’ve complained and explained they should keep the end till open for disabled customers as it’s the law to provide access for disabled people but I’ve been back to see if they e this complaint on board and surprise surprise they haven’t. Disgusting

  5. I have been a weekday delivery pass holder for many years, but again, can’t get a midweek delivery! The same thing happened on the previous lockdown in March. How come I can get a delivery on Saturday, which will cost a minimum of 3.50 ON TOP OF the cost of my 3 month delivery pass? Please make the usual midweek delivery slots available for pass holders.

  6. Can I just say the two girls at the door of your Livingston store around 11am on Saturday 5.12.20 were so helpful to me when I visited.i was collecting an item from argos and decided to do some shopping when I was there.infact I like the layout of your store as well all the staff are so polite there a real credit to you! I definitely will be shopping with you in the future.regards Jim Sutherland

  7. Simon, your delivery staff where extremely rude and insulting on the last delivery

    your delivery man stated to me whilst lifting my purchases into my home “hopefully you havent got Diabetes mate” and he was not joking

    please get some self respect

  8. Good Morning, Simon. I just want to say a big Thankyou. I care for my 92 year old Mum and, thanks to Sainsbury’s home delivery service, I have not had to go on public transport or into my local Streatham Common store. A Big Thanks to all the staff there, keeping shelves stocked and packing delivery items and especially to the delivery drivers for keeping a lifeline open.

  9. Hello Simon, I totally agree with Mike, having shopped at the East Grinstead store ever since it was built. I am in my 81st year and arranged for a weekly delivery during the first lockdown. All arrangements are superb with just one exception. It is no longer possible to order newspapers on-line and as we do not go out at all now, we do miss our papers every Saturday. It would be lovely if the facility could be reinstated. If paper-back books could be added that would be the icing on the cake. Thank you to all in your team. Pat

  10. We have shopped at Sainsbury’s for many years. My husband is listed as vulnerable with a lung condition and we were informed that such people would be able to get delivery slots as priority.
    I’m now (Sunday 17 January 2021) trying to book a delivery for next Friday, 22 January, having had trouble getting a slot for last week, but there is nothing for a whole week!
    I know we’re told to keep looking as slots are released all the time but that’s not what I understood being vulnerable was supposed to involve. I can’t keep checking every five minutes for slots that get taken the instant they’re released by people who may or may not be vulnerable.
    I’ve now book a slot for next Sunday and will try to get it changed to Friday if I can, but this is a very unsatisfactory situation.

  11. Appalling supermarket sold contaminated goods then make some lam excuse and choose to ignore customer except for CEO office to send rude email that they are uninterested basically. Years and years as Sainsbury customer no more a simply sorry never goes a miss disgraceful behaviour from CEO office

  12. Well Simon, What a fantastic amount of complaints against the great company J. Sainsbury.
    In the days of Lord John in charge these things would have never been allowed to continue.
    You have a good pedigree Simon, clearly you need to do something to smooth the bad reports from your customers. I also have a bad report going back to the beginning of the Lockdown, in Cote’s time, but I will not embarrass you in public, however, clearly much needs to be done to change the consumer opinion of this fantastic company with whom I traded for more than 25 years and found faultless. Sad to read the correspondence.


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