B&Q launches “Build a Life” campaign

B&Q launches
B&Q's "Build a Life" campaign shows snippets of real home videos from 69 families across the 69 cities that make-up the UK.
// B&Q launches new brand campaign rooted in the sentiment that “you don’t buy a life. you build one”
// The campaign, created with Uncommon Creative Studio, will be rolled out this month

B&Q has launched a new brand “Build a Life” campaign which aims to celebrate the belief that anyone can change their home to make life better.

The new strategy represents a reinvigorated marketing direction for B&Q and is the first in a series of campaigns, created by Uncommon Creative Studio, to drive emotional connection with the home and DIY retailer.

A recent survey by B&Q found that lockdown has changed British attitudes towards homes for good, with 57 per cent agreeing they are more significant in improving lives than ever.


The retailer’s new campaign celebrates life in the home and the power of home improvement to change lives, tapping into what B&Q describes as “the fundamental truths about our homes” and reflecting the role the retailer has played in transforming the UK’s homes for the past 50 years.

“At B&Q we’ve been making, growing and selling the tools, materials and know-how to improve homes for over 50 years. To us, these things are more than bricks and mortar,” B&Q marketing director Chris Graham said.

“We believe that anyone can improve their home to make life better. It’s precisely this insight that makes us so proud and privileged to be a business where we can help people shape the homes that mean so much to them.

“Our 27,000 colleagues, myself included, love hearing about the projects our customers take on – it’s what inspires and motivates us.

“It’s been great working with the team at Uncommon. The creative approach gathered many amazing stories of real families in their homes.

“We learned how they improved them, and how they became places were important life moments were created. We hope the campaign reminds everyone of the magic and power of home improvement to do so much more than build a home.”

B&Q’s new campaign and brand purpose has been brought to life through a 60’ film capturing real life moments, using real people’s archive footage, to represent a portrait of British homes and how they have been improved across the years.

The film shows snippets of real home videos from 69 families across the 69 cities that make-up the UK.

Audiences are narrated through each family scene from the kitchen to the garden with some words read by Game of Thrones actor Rory McCann set to a soundtrack from The Cinematic Orchestra titled Manhatta.

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