Fruit & veg purchases to be rewarded with bonus Nectar points, Sainsbury’s says

Sainsbury’s Nectar Jack Wallace
Rewarded points can be spent at partners including Sainsbury's, Argos, Ebay and Asos
// Sainsbury’s to reward bonus Nectar points to those who increase their fruit and veg intake
// The grocer has set personalised targets based on a users’ typical shopping habits
// The initiative will be in place from September 7 to October 4

Sainsbury’s will encourage customers to stock up on fruit and vegetables by allowing their Nectar points balance go further with a brand-new tracker available on the app and website.

The grocer launched the initiative titled ‘The Great Big Fruit and Veg Challenge’ on Monday and has set personalised targets based on a users’ typical shopping habits.

The offering will be in place from September 7 to October 4, and rewarded points can be spent at partners including Sainsbury’s, Argos, Ebay and Asos.


There will also be six product badges, where customers can track the number of portions they buy of a certain product to earn a personalised points reward.

“At Sainsbury’s, we’re all about helping make life a little easier and that includes helping our customers get more from their day-to-day purchases,” Sainsbury’s head of marketing Jack Wallace said.

“The Great Big Fruit and Veg Challenge is personalised to each Nectar customer and rewards them for increasing the portions of fruit and veg they buy.

“We hope our customers enjoy taking part, while getting more out of their points balance.”

Separately, Sainsbury’s signed up to footballer Marcus Rashford’s food poverty taskforce last week, which will see grocers and suppliers lobby the government for spending in the autumn statement to support those children who are currently struggling financially.

Sainsbury’s joined the list of retailers pledging to hand over their social media channels to share stories of children affected by food poverty over the next six weeks.

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  1. Having been a fresh fruit and veg addict all my life and still am, I was surprised to see LAST week I was over HALFWAY TO GOAL. THIS week I purchased my usual amount of fruit and veg, as I do each week, and have found that the goal post has changed. I’m still HALFWAY. There’s probably some con going on. I don’t particularly care as I’m not buying any extra, but for shoppers who are attempting to gain those Nectar points by spending more on fresh fruit and veg, have a long trek ahead of them.


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