Asda to close all Boxing Day stores with paid day off for colleagues

Asda to close all Boxing Day stores with paid day off for colleagues
Asda CEO says Boxing Day closures will mean staff can have the opportunity to visit family and loved ones.
// All Asda stores will close for Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year
// Hourly-paid staff to receive 100% of their bonus

Asda has announced it will not open its stores on Boxing Day this year, instead giving thousands of staff a chance to stay home, in recognition of their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chief executive Roger Burnley confirmed via email that all of Asda’s 631 stores would close for two days over the Christmas break.

“This has been a challenging year and you have all done an incredible job, continuing to serve our customers and communities while juggling so many other commitments,” Burnley said.

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“But it’s also been challenging from a personal perspective as we have not been able to spend time with our families and friends, which has been hard for us all.

“As you know, the strict guidelines set out by the government will change between 23rd and 27th December and more households will be able to gather together. This is of course our busiest time of year but it was important for us to give as many of you as possible the opportunity to spend this time with those loved ones that you may not have not seen for many months so, uniquely for this year, we will not reopen our stores until December 27,” Burnley added.

Colleagues who were contracted to work on Boxing Day will be paid, with all eligible hourly-paid staff receiving a guaranteed 100 per cent bonus for their unstinting hard work and commitment during 2020 – which will be paid in February 2021.

All of Asda stores will close from 7pm on Christmas Eve and reopen on December 27.

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  1. We have been told staff contracted for Saturday, like me, have to take the day unpaid, or use another day’s annual leave, in addition to the day used for Christmas day, if we want to take Boxing day off. Those of us with no annual leave left and who would like to take the day off will loose a day’s pay.
    Please add correction. Asda staff are Not being paid! From Hayle Harbour Asda. Cornwall

  2. Article is incorrect. Colleagues contracted to work Saturday have been told they have to use holiday or it will be unpaid so we lose money.

    A very Dickensian present indeed forcing a choice between money and family.

  3. Story is rubbish, Asda will pay staff for the Boxing day off only if they book an holiday.If you don’t use a holiday you won’t get paid.

    Poor reporting FAKE NEWS

  4. Actually we arnt being paid it’s unpaid which is unfair when it wasn’t our choice. We have gone from double pay to nothing.

  5. not getting paid have to book a days holiday. Scrooges. Very unfair as it was their decision to close all the stores.

    Merry Chrismas for nothing ASDA

  6. I’ve been told if you work nights this doesn’t apply to you. So I’m not going to see much of my family come Xmas as I’m required to work Christmas Eve and then I have to come in on the 26th.

    And to add insult to injury many day staff have been crowing about how they no longer need to book holiday as the company will now pay them anyway.

  7. Dont forget about the distribution centres who are not getting the day off, or the warehouse staff who have to be in to take deliveries. Last week the headline was
    ‘ All ASDA staff have been given Boxing Day off’
    Just a total lie because we have not!


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