McColl’s revenue reaches £1.25bn thanks to “strong demand”

McColl’s Jonathan Miller
McColl’s said the strongest performance was delivered through the Morrisons Daily format where 31 trial stores are currently in operation
// McColl’s like-for-like sales rises 12% in the year November 29
// Revenue rises by 2.3% to £1.25 billion
// Growth was offset by 179 shop closures as it accelerated its store optimisation programme

McColl’s revenue has risen by 2.3 per cent to £1.25 billion thanks to strong demand throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the year November 29, like-for-like sales at the convenience retailer climbed by 12 per cent.

However, growth was offset by 179 shop closures as the retailer accelerated its store optimisation programme as part of plans to focus on larger and more profitable convenience stores.

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McColl’s said the strongest performance was delivered through the Morrisons Daily format where 31 trial stores are currently in operation.

“As we look towards the festive period, the safety and well-being of our colleagues and customers continues to be our number one priority,” McColl’s chief executive Jonathan Miller said.

“I am extremely proud of all of our colleagues who have been working incredibly hard to keep supplying our neighbourhood communities with the food, goods and services they need.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, we have seen strong demand driven by our customer offer and the positioning of our stores in key neighbourhood locations.

“At the same time, we have faced significant Covid-19 related costs and our operating margins have been reduced by a change in customer behaviour and product mix.

“Despite the challenges of 2020, the pandemic has reinforced our confidence in our ongoing strategic change programme.

“The importance of neighbourhood stores has never been greater, and we are well positioned to continue enhancing our convenience offer by further developing our partnership with Morrisons, and further improving the quality of our estate and our overall customer experience.”

McColl’s said it is now expecting like-for-like revenue growth to moderate over the course of the period as the sales mix begins to “normalise”.

It is also expecting its larger convenience stores to drive incremental sales in grocery, fresh food, and beers wines and spirits.

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  1. Looks as if McColls is a shop that has benefited from the lockdowns. It wasn’t long ago it was always news of woe from them.

  2. I work for mccolls edgbaston hollies croft an to be honest it is a shit company to work for the managers treat staff more like dogs an dont value staff at all

  3. Opening on boxing day and making all staff work there normal hours helps there profits and shows how they appreciate there staff…..

  4. The company don’t care about the staff at all. No sick pay scheme. Minimum wage and only an extra 20p an hour for supervisors. All they have had though the pandemic as a thank you is free tea and coffee and meal deal at £2.50.

  5. 1.25b in profits during covid asda gave their staff bonus in form of cash the local mccolls staff at Brotton store got offered a pack of biscuits for doing the same work awful treatment of our local staff

  6. I work for mccolls and hate it, feel under valued and underpaid and they treat all staff like robots, they don’t care for all we do for them and get nothing back in return for the extra workload we have had to endure, only thanks we get is a free coffee and a meal deal for £2.50 ( Normal price £3.50)


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