Which retailers are giving shop staff a day off on Boxing Day?

With the hectic Christmas season now upon us, one cannot ignore the strenuous year many retail workers have faced amid the Covid pandemic. Several retailers have pledged to keep their doors closed on Boxing Day - a day when retailers often start major post-Christmas sales campaigns - as a "sign of appreciation" to their shop floor staff and for their hard work.

As the hectic Christmas season is now upon us and many retail workers have faced a strenuous year amid the Covid pandemic many retailers have announced they will be closing their doors on Boxing Day as a
These are the retailers that won't be open this Boxing Day.

  1. Marks & Spencer

Last week Marks & Spencer decided to close stores on Boxing Day, having previously planned to open over 200 stores on the day.

This not only means the retailer will now close all of its stores in the UK, but its customer contact centre and distribution centre in Castle Donington will also close.

“Throughout the pandemic, our colleagues have gone above and beyond to deliver for our customers and as we enter the busy festive season they are doubling down on their efforts once again to help our customers deliver the Christmas magic for their families and friends,” M&S chief executive Steve Rowe said.

“2020 has been a uniquely challenging year for everyone and this Christmas, the celebrations we have, will be more precious than ever.”

Marks & Spencer M&S Christmas Boxing Day Steve Rowe
M&S is keeping all of its UK stores closed on Boxing Day.

2. Wickes

Wickes has also decided to close its doors on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day as a “sign of appreciation” to their colleagues after a strenuous year amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s the first time the retailer has shut its doors on Christmas Eve in its 48 years of trading on the high street.

The retailer gave staff a day off on Boxing Day last year as well.

Travis Perkins Wickes Stuart Chambers

3. Pets At Home

Pets At Home said saying staff should take the time off on Boxing Day to spend with their families after working hard during the Covid-19 crisis.

“As a small but tangible sign of our appreciation, I have decided to close all of our stores on Boxing Day this year to give our colleagues much-needed time with their families and loved ones,” Pets at Home boss Peter Pritchard said.

Pets at Home Wickes Boxing Day Christmas Covid-19 pandemic
Pets at Home said their staff should take the time off to spend with their families.

4. The Entertainer

The Entertainer announced it would be giving its staff three “free days” to celebrate the Christmas and Boxing Day long weekend with loved ones.

This means the toy retailer will close all 171 of its stores across the UK at the end of the day on Christmas Eve, which falls on a Thursday this year, and won’t re-open until Monday, December 28.

“Our stores will close on Christmas Eve and will reopen on again until Monday 28 December, giving our employees three of the five days of the eased restriction period to spend Christmas with the people they cherish,” The Entertainer chief executive Gary Grant said.

The Entertainer gives staff 3 days off over Christmas & Boxing Day weekend

5. John Lewis

John Lewis traditionally closes its doors on Boxing Day and this year is no different.

Stores will be remain open Christmas Eve and will reopen on Sunday, December 27.

John Lewis Christmas reopening Pippa Wicks

6. Homebase

Homebase has also joined the list of retailers set to remain closed on Boxing Day this year.

The DIY and gardening retailer said it would put its staff first following their hard work amid the pandemic by giving them a two-day break.

Homebase Damian McGloughlin

7. Home Bargains

Home Bargains has also confirmed it will remain closed on Boxing Day

The retailer took to Instagram and Twitter to say: “To all our staff: Thank you for all your hard work once again this year.

“All our stores will be closed on Boxing Day to ensure you are able to spend time with your friends and family.”

Police called to Home Bargains' South Shields store over social distancing row

8. Aldi

Last month Aldi confirmed all of its 830 stores across the UK would be closed this Boxing Day to allow staff to spend time with their families.

However, this isn’t the first time the discount grocer hasn’t traded on Boxing Day.

Aldi opens 900th UK store in Berkshire

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  1. M&S hasn’t said that staff have to make the hours up before Christmas because there closed boxing day. So staff aren’t getting a day off

    • Yes that’s correct Daniel .
      The public are led to believe we aregetting boxing day off as a thank you . Strange thank you , yes we get not to work boxing day but instead have to move those boxing day hours into another day that week on top of already being forced to work an extra 4 hrs over Christmas anyway . Shame they didn’t explain that in the national press.

      • You work in retail asking for 4 hours extra xmas week is nothing. Maybe you should re consider your job. Surely the fair thing to do is align all colleagues the same? Plus you are off being paid on the actual Bank Holiday Monday?

  2. We are not having an extra day off because we need to make the hours up. So I’m a full time worker I need to make up my 8hrs on a Sunday which I don’t work plus I need to do an extra 4hrs during Christmas week .Because we are closed Christmas and boxing day I need to come in on a Sunday that I’m not contracted to because they are not allowing us have a 3 day break during Christmas.We are open Sunday to Monday and they can give us a boxing day paid to spend Christmas and new years with our families “they are not doing a good gesture by giving us Boxing day off “

  3. THANK YOU to all the stores that are closing their stores and particularly online staff on boxing day It is really important time is spent with families at this current time As some one who works in retail I’m very thankful My only concern is the elderly on their own who’s only human contact is the shop assistants

    • The elderly have to be very careful and wouldn’t always need to go out there are local shops there’s no buses so those who cannot drive wouldn’t be able to walk miles to Asda

  4. M&S are telling staff to make up the hours for Boxing Day closure in the week otherwise they will not be paid. That is not showing appreciation

  5. There is absolutely no reason why ANY shop should be open on Boxing Day, apart, maybe for pharmacies.
    It is immoral to reduce payment for not working Christmas Day or Boxing Day, and I would like it to be illegal to FORCE staff to work the extra hours elsewhere.
    Thankyou to all those people who have worked long and hard during this “plague”

  6. I think it’s ridiculous Asda and New Look are open Boxing Day because there might be reduced to clear stuff and fewer going out that day no buses in my area, people won’t walk too far or get expensive taxi. I think it’s better to be paid more for the hours not to need to work more

  7. Absolutely disgusting trying to make out they are giving their staff boxing day off as a sign of all the hard work they have done. Not only that they have still been able to sell none essential items because they have a food hall in their shops. Come on M&S play the game properly and support your staff.

  8. All shops should be closed on boxing day what is wrong with people cant they not go to the shops for two days I work in retail myself and everybody is tired from the constant working through the pandemic

  9. Morrisons are not closing, in fact staff work Christmas Eve until 11.45pm, Christmas day off and back in boxing day. Then working until 11.45pm on New years Eve. After everything their staff have done this year and all the hard work achieved keeping profits up they won’t allow staff to have quality time with their family. Also forcing them to work bank holiday without even asking staff. DISGUSTING! Rothwell store

  10. Morrisons also own Martins/mccolls stores and have told staff that they are not acknowledging boxing day this year and boxing day is just a normal day. Head office break up 2 days before xmas….

  11. MCCOLLS have not give there staff anything Nothing through this pandemic no bonous no extra hols no time off apart from a free hot drink and a pack of biscuits to share also makeing them work christmas day no reduce hours either


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