1200 jobs at risk as Asda scraps in-store bakeries

Asda is set to appoint 150 specialist greengrocers in stores across the UK as part of a £9 million investment in its fruit & veg.
Asda is also investing in giving customers a wider choice of premium fruit & vegetables.
// 1200 jobs could be at risk as Asda moves away from an in-store scratch bakery model
// Staff who could be potentially affected are set to enter formal consultations
// The supermarket chain hopes to redeploy staff to new roles to avoid redundancies

Asda has entered into consultation with 1200 bakery staff after announcing plans to ditch its in-store bakery model.

The grocer said the proposal followed “a notable shift in customer buying behaviours” in recent years, with demand for speciality breads, wraps, bagels and pancakes outstripping traditional loaves.

The move to an ambient bakery model using a centralised bakery sparked the start of formal consultations with colleagues potentially impacted by the changes, Asda said.


If the proposals were enacted, the priority was to move as many colleagues as possible into alternative roles within the supermarket chain, with redundancy “the last option”.

The move would also broaden the range of bakery products offered and fresh products would be baked several times a day, compared with just once a day at present, Asda added.

These changes come just over a year after Tesco announced a similar shake-up of its in-store bakeries, with bakery items being part-baked in-store instead of baked from scratch.

These latest staff restructuring measures come less than two months after Asda said 5000 jobs were at risk from the closures of two warehouses as its re-geared its business more towards online grocery.

“The current in-store bakery model has restricted our ability to respond to changing customer demands and offer them the speciality products and freshly baked goods they want to buy throughout the day,” Asda chief merchandising officer Derek Lawlor said.

“The changes we are proposing will deliver a much better and more consistent bakery offering for customers across all our stores.

“We know these proposed changes will be unsettling for colleagues and our priority is to support them during this process.”

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    • Is it? The fact is that consumer tastes are changing and supermarkets need to react accordingly. In my local store there is usually loads of loaves reduced to clear by the afternoon so clearly the current model isn’t working.

  1. So, essentially the same thing Tesco did last year, a centralised bakery shipping out frozen part baked loaves to stores where they’re finished off.

    Going to take a guess and say Allied bakeries will probably get the contract.

    A good idea from a business perspective I suppose, but a terrible way to say thankyou to the bakery colleagues who have worked tirelessly through the pandemic.

  2. The bread Asda are now producing (especially the bread rolls) is disgusting. Honestly considering not shopping there any more. Big mistake for retaining customers who want quality produce instead of cheap mass-produced rubbish.


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