Lady Green spent millions on properties during BHS collapse

Sir Philip Green
Sir Philip Green and wife Tina Green
// Sir Philip Green’s wife Tina Green bought multimillion-pound properties during BHS collapse
// The purchases included a £15m flat in Mayfair and a new home for daughter Chloe Green
// The BHS collapse led to the loss of thousands of jobs

Sir Philip Green’s wife Tina Green bought multimillion-pound properties in London as BHS, the department store chain owned by the couple, was on the brink of collapse.

The purchases included a £15 million flat in Mayfair as well as a new home for the Greens’ daughter Chloe near Buckingham Palace, bought for £10.6 million in 2016.

The spending took place in the months after Green sold BHS for £1 to the twice-bankrupt businessman Dominic Chappell.

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The purchases have been discovered in one of the biggest leaks of financial documents ever.

Green’s identity as the buyer of London properties was hidden as the properties were purchased through anonymous company based in the tax haven of the British Virgin Islands.

BHS collapsed in 2016, leading to the loss of 11,000 jobs.

The collapse came as it emerged the business had a black hole of nearly £600 million in its pension fund.

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  1. Shameful !

    It’s his and her fault that there was no investment in BHS which was expanding up until 2000 when it was split from Store House ironically the former Mothercare/Habitat , Richards and BHS empire.

    They stopped investing in the stores and failed to move with the times. 11k jobs and pensions no big surprise.

    What’s worse is he presided over a big decline in Arcadia formerly Burton Group and because of Debenhams once being part of Burton Group in 1985 them too.
    Huge number of store closures disappeared across all brands with Evans once having 300 stores and reduced to 5 on administration. The same with all the other brands.

    No investment in the stores and handed back in very poor condition to landlords on expiry of lease.

    Again administration and job losses of 12k was no surprise and 12k at Debenhams too who Burton Group flooded with Arcadia concessions. Altogether nearly 40k retail jobs gone because of these two. Shameful !

    • yes it’s all interconnected. It’s ok the companies were rubbish anyway. Fooled people like me spent on Evans clothes that were awful. I’ve gone Green and not that. I don’t understand why there hasn’t been from Labour to pass to get rid of their titles of Sir and Lady. How can they keep them? And why haven’t they been chased by HMRC to pay what they owe? Where’s Labour on this?

  2. Why won’t HNRC chase her? And why doesn’t Emma Watson who is apparently dating her son saying anything? Anyone who goes with the Greens despite being a ‘campaigner’ she even designed a Green clothing range. It’s disgusting they are getting away with this and they need the Sir and Lady removing off them there needs to be a new campaign

  3. so selfish,haven’t they got more than enough money to last. million years,just
    unbelievable behaviour …no conscience whatsoever either of them


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