Asda accused of offering female staff lower pay rise than males

// Asda faces backlash for offering its female shop staff a smaller pay rise than male staff
// An increased hourly rate highlighted differences between those working in stores and in distribution centres

Asda has been criticised for offering its female shop staff a smaller pay rise than male colleagues.

The GMB Scotland union has hit out after an increased hourly rate highlighted differences between people who work in stores and in distribution centres.

At the start of April, Asda’s retail staff – mostly women – were given a 3.6% increase in pay, taking them to £9.66 an hour.

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However, warehouse workers who are predominantly men, are continuing to negotiate their pay rise and have just rejected an offer of between 6.5% and 7.5% that would have taken their wages up to £11.98 an hour.

The GMB said this offer will widen a gender pay gap which has already seen the supermarket in the midst of a legal battle, with female workers claiming they are paid less than their male colleagues.

GMB Scotland organiser Robert Deavy said: “Asda retail staff are being exploited and undervalued every hour of every working day. Tens of thousands of working women are being paid less than a tenner an hour for their basic rate of pay ­– up to £3 an hour less than their male equivalents in distribution.

“Asda need to value their workers properly with a pay increase that tackles soaring inflation and they need to take full responsibility for their chronic sex discrimination by settling their equal pay liabilities, which could easily run into billions of pounds.”

Asda said: “Retail and distribution are separate and distinct market sectors and the demands of jobs in stores and depots are very different.

“We pay colleagues the market rate in each sector regardless of gender.”

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  1. I have been in the supermarket industry for over 30 years. The jobs at the distribution centers are far more complicated and physically engaging than the jobs performed at the store level. They are NOT doing the same job. If the store clerks that are male are making 33% more than the females doing the same job, then it’s discrimination.

    Let’s compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges. I would much prefer to sit in a checkout stand than have to pick, stack, and wrap anywhere from 200 – 400 items an hour.

    Discrimination is when two people doing the exact same job are paid two different wages based on sex, race, religion… That is not what is happening here. I wish these clueless liberals and union propagandists would shut up and let the market decide a jobs worth.


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