Lidl ads banned after ‘misleading’ Tesco price match

Lidl calls on public to find new store sites
Lidl will pay a finder's fee for those that identify sites.
// Lidl adverts banned after the advertising watchdog found it to be misleading shoppers on Tesco price comparison
// One ad claimed it was possible to save over 35% and another 30% compared with Tesco prices

Two Lidl adverts that show how people can make big savings compared with Tesco have been banned after a complaint from rival discounter Aldi.

The advertising watchdog said it has banned the ads as they were “likely to mislead” shoppers over the level of savings.

One ad claimed it was possible to save more than 35% and another 30% compared with Tesco prices on a range of Scottish-themed products.

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The watchdog said it did not consider that the ads, which ran in Scotland, made it “sufficiently clear” that the savings related only to the specific selection of products shown.

“We considered consumers (in Scotland) would be likely to understand the savings referred to price differences offered by the two supermarkets more widely, rather than being specific only to the example basket of goods, and that the same level of savings could be achieved more generally in a typical weekly shop,” the Advertising Standards Authority said.

“Because we had not seen evidence that this general level of savings could ordinarily be achieved, we considered the ads were likely to mislead.”

Lidl said the ads were specific comparisons on the products shown and it did not believe the average consumer could not reasonably conclude that its prices were generally cheaper than Tesco’s.

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