Wednesday, December 11, 2019
The big opportunity for "long tail" physical entertainment merch comment Lee Townsend CEO Koyo store

COMMENT: The big opportunity for entertainment merch in retail

Less Townsend argues that there are some exciting merchandise possibilities for those willing to focus on quality over quantity.
Why Black Friday shouldn’t be a big deal for small businesses (Comment)

COMMENT: Black Friday shouldn’t be a big deal for small retailers

Groupon CMO Gabrielle Stafford shares her thoughts on how indie retailers should be competing with online giants for Black Friday
Instagram shopping: How to make the most it Gord Ray opinion

COMMENT: How to make the most of shopping on Instagram

Instagram Shopping is an opportunity for retailers to showcase their business that's too good to miss, writes Gord Ray.
Google UK head of retail Martijn Bertisen: How focusing on profits showed Littlewoods Ireland the path to success

COMMENT: How focusing on profits led Littlewoods Ireland to success

How retailers must identify the categories that drive profit, rather than chasing vanity metrics?
After 25 years of Amazon, are online sellers finally in the driving seat in the online marketplace sector? Cas Paton, CEO of OnBuy, pens his thoughts

After 25 years of Amazon, are online sellers finally in the driving seat?

The CEO of OnBuy pens his thoughts on what the future has in store for online sellers within the ecommerce sector.
uk retail

COMMENT: Why we’re investing in British retail in uncertain times

Matt Broadway shares his thoughts on why a "new" UK industry is emerging and why companies should look to invest here.
print catalogue

COMMENT: Traditional marketing still has a role in an online world

Reichelt Elektronik CEO Ulf Timmermann explains why print catalogues still has a crucial role to play in the digital world.
mobile retail

COMMENT: How the retail industry can take advantage of the mobile phone

The m-commerce market is taking off globally, fast becoming the number one desired method of shopping. It is predicted that by 2020, m-commerce will...
Stolen Goat online

COMMENT: Why we turned our back on an ecommerce giant

Bicycle and triathlon apparel retailer Stolen Goat recently announced a move away from online marketplace Wiggle.
Mental health

COMMENT: We need to move employee wellbeing up the business agenda

Placing employee health at the top of the business agenda, can lead to a workforce that is happy, engaged and more productive.

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