Friday, September 17, 2021

Asda to launch first ever Xmas brand ad

Supermarket Asda is set to launch its first ever Christmas advertising campaign this Sunday, it has been announced today.

Following Christmas through a mother‘s eyes, the 60-second ad which was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi aims to present the event in a realistic and attainable way and features a mum struggling her way through Christmas preparations.

Airing during the X Factor results show, the ad will also launch on Facebook at the same time and an extended 90-second advert which emphasises all of the products used will be available in the coming weeks.

Stephen Smith, Chief Marketing Officer at the grocer, explained the significance of the message within the campaign.

“We wanted to create an ad that mums could really relate to, something that was familiar and fun,” he said.

“The whole campaign hopefully shows mums up and down the country that we understand they are the ones that put the magic into Christmas and that we are their helping hand, providing solutions for them at an incredibly important family time.”

In July, Asda‘s Mumdex, a survey of mothers from a broad spectrum of socioeconomic backgrounds, age ranges and regions, found that 46 per cent of mums were worried about the cost of Christmas with a staggering 93 per cent of respondents admitting spending on presents by then.

As a result, the TV brand ad is the centrepiece of a three-month integrated Christmas campaign demonstrating ways that the grocer can help mums in the run-up to Christmas, offering tactical advice on how to capitalise on promotions and discounts.

Smith concluded: “We have spoken to thousands of Asda mums about what Christmas means to them.

“They told us that Christmas doesn‘t just happen by magic. A lot rests on their shoulders; with people to feed, gifts to buy, and families to keep happy, it can be a very busy time but the experiences they have along the way are priceless.

“Despite the pressure, their big reward is looking back at the end of Christmas day, at a happy and smiling family, and thinking “I did that”.

“Nothing made it into the ad, unless it was real insight from real experiences. In research mum‘s said they drew all sorts of inspiration from past family traditions to help them create new, magical memories for their children.”


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