Downton Abbey style is back, says Leatrice Eiseman


The Color Collection 2013 launched on Thursday on the eve of London fashion week with expert insight provided by the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman.

Eiseman was full of enthusiasm for British fashion saying, “It is at the most iconic and strong than it has ever been.”

The event was presented by Rakuten Marketing, which offers affiliate marketing and retargeting services to brands and publishers, and was held at Piccadilly‘s DSTRKT nightclub.

Bloggers, industry insiders and advertisers came together for an event that heralded a change in the role that bloggers now play in the fashion industry and how retailers can capitalise on this new shift of power in fashion.

The panel debated around the role of bloggers in the online shopping journey and included Alice Cuffe from Motilo and blogger Diana Kakker from The debate was chaired by Mark Haviland, MD, Rakuten Marketing who also provided an introduction at the start of the night.

Eiseman said in her speech that the 1920‘s style, showcased in ITV drama Downtown Abbey, is making a return and that retailers could benefit from this new trend in new collections.

The event came as a report by Ledbury Research in July found that 83 per cent of British luxury brands were on course to boost their profits this year, while Burberry reported an 18 per cent rise in first-quarter sales.