Sunday, September 19, 2021

Together we can compete: BHS partners with Booker to enter convenience market

BHS is making its entry into the convenience store market with the opening of six food shops within existing department stores.

Despite the high level of competition in the market, not only from the supermarkets giants but from increasingly popular value retailers such as Aldi, CEO Darren Topp believes that BHS‘s relationship with wholesaler Booker means the stores will have “a plethora of products that we can offer at a competitive price.” 

Bookers will provide and source all of BHS‘s food products, including Bookers‘ own value ranges Euro Shopper and Happy Shopper. This is part of BHS‘s greater strategy to appeal to shoppers on a stretched budget – each store will also contain a £1 aisle, for example. 

Topp cited that footfall in the six department stores had doubled overnight as a result of opening the shops. According to feedback from customers in recent years, there has been overwhelming approval for the concept of BHS selling convenience food and improving its restaurants. 

He also addressed the potential competition from fellow department chain Marks & Spencer: “M&S has a good food offer but is focused on its own branded products whereas we will have the major brands.” 

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