Tuesday, April 23, 2019

All Eyes on Liberty


Liberty is bringing its store windows into the modern age with a dynamic multimedia “All Eyes on Liberty” campaign launching today.

The London department store has collaborated with collage pair Gus and Stella to revamp its street windows using a combination of digital animation and animatronics to highlight a range of own brand products.  

Over the next four weeks, the window displays will feature inspired designs from its most renowned past and present advertisements, ranging from the 1950s and 60s to this season‘s collections. 

Windows will also comprise of exaggerated, oversized products, 2D cut-outs alongside digital screens, rotating and oscillating features and papier mache ‘Franz West‘ inspired 3D lips. These will highlight a mixture of Liberty‘s affordable lines and trademark products.

“Our latest campaign has gone against the norm of producing clean and minimalistic January windows, with a busy, fun and somewhat daring approach,” said Liz Silvester, Liberty‘s Head of Visual Silvester. “We have successfully presented an insight into Liberty through the ages by incorporating highlights from Liberty in the past, present and some of the unique characteristics that have always made this store so special”.