Aldi cottons on to fair trade clothing

Aldi is preparing to release its first range of Fairtrade certified cotton T-shirts as part of a wider policy of sustainable business development.

The range of ladies and men‘s T-shirts will be available from 3 March onward, and will sell for £3.99.

“We‘re proud to offer clothing that supports the Fairtrade project, which brings life-changing development to communities by improving working and living conditions, education and health care,” said Joint Managing Director for Corporate Buying at Aldi, Jonathan Neale.

The discounter is one among many supermarket chains that has made a commitment to sustainable development. In 2015 Aldi vowed to ban all hazardous chemicals from its textile and shoe production by 2020, and has promised that by the end of March 2016, 80% of its suppliers will disclose waste water data.

“Congratulations to Aldi for fashioning a brighter future for Fairtrade cotton farmers in India,” said Euan Venters, Commercial Director of the Fairtrade Foundation. “Lots of us care about how we look – and buying clothes made with Fairtrade cotton means we help the fashion business and at the same time help low income cotton farmers around the world. Fairtrade supports farmers‘ to have more control of their future and more secure lives for themselves and their communities.”

The global price of cotton has grown by 28% in the last year, making it a strong source of economic potential for developing communities.

Aldi has continued to expand its territory in the UK supermarket industry in recent years. It recently vowed that it would keep up the price differences between itself and rivals, drawing concerns that its expansion plans may not be entirely sustainable.


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