Storm Katie hits the high street

Retailers across the country reported lower than expected sales during the Easter weekend as Storm Katie prevented shoppers hitting the high streets. 

The extended weekend was set to be one of the country‘s first big trading days since Christmas for high street retailers. However, according to retail specialist Springboard, shopper numbers at shopping centres and high streets fell by 10.5% from last Easter on Saturday and Monday and 6% on Good Friday, despite brighter conditions.

On Monday morning, shopping centre footfall dropped by 16%.

“Easter Monday is usually the best day for high street retailers because people have finished all their DIY. However, as Storm Katie swept in, it seems shoppers have chosen to stay at home rather than venturing out into the wind and rain” said Springboard Analyst Diane Wehrle.

While the Easter weekend generally marks the beginning of spring shopping at garden centres and retailers selling the new season‘s fashions, this year shoppers have been halted by the tumultuous weather.   With the early fall of Easter now behind us, retailers are expectant of increased footfall during the school holidays.

“Where we are in the budgetary cycle will have hit fashion retailers quite hard. Spring seems quite a long way off today” Wehrle added.


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