Tuesday, August 16, 2022

From Browsing to Buying: Getting the Consumer to Complete the Purchase


Landing pages are the online retailer‘s storefront. While they can‘t accommodate life-size mannequins donning the latest trends or smiling sales associates to help you find what you‘re looking for, they should still be just as inviting and easy to navigate as the real thing. How does your online customer experience measure up? Do your product pages display enough information on a handheld device? Is your shopping basket portable? Are you making the purchase process as quick and painless as possible?

These are just a few of the factors to consider when exploring why shoppers may have cut their shopping trip short. The good news: You can still convert the abandoner to a purchaser with the right marketing techniques.

For starters, fewer than 15% of retailers send product page reminder emails. And of those who do, some fail to personalise the messages in an effective and meaningful way. Seriously? That‘s a huge opportunity lost. With the right message, you can encourage shoppers who leave your digital store to return and make a purchase.

And what about the shoppers who have committed to a purchase by putting something in the shopping basket? A 2015 survey from Bronto Software found that 73% of online consumers use the shopping basket to store items for later purchase. Constantly connected consumers may use a desktop to add an item to the shopping basket, refer to it on a smartphone from the store to compare prices, and later buy the item on a tablet. Retailers have a real opportunity to curb basket rejection with a personalised abandoned basket message.

It‘s all about knowing your customer and targeting them effectively throughout their shopping journey.


For more information on how to successfully rescue revenue, download this free two-part white paper series from Bronto

Part 1: Product Page Abandonment

Part 2: Shopping Basket Marketing


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