Saturday, July 31, 2021

Location and product availability trumps low prices for British shoppers

Shoppers across the UK tend to choose where they shop based on the convenience of location and if it regularly stocks the products they want, according to a new survey.

Nielsen‘s Global Retail-Growth Strategies Survey reveals that 55 per cent of British shoppers decide where to shop based on whether the supermarket regularly stocks they products they want, while 52 per cent said the convenience of location was a factor.

Meanwhile, 47 per cent of British people based their shopping patterns on value for money.

The survey results came about after 30,000 online participants from 61 countries were polled. 

Nielsen UK’s head of retailer insight Mike Watkins said the survey’s results were “good news” for supermarket retailers.

“It demonstrates the opportunities to take a broader, more strategic view about their offer and not to be so focused on price, which can often be a short term reaction to competitive pressure,” he said.


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