Saturday, July 31, 2021

ASOS sparks race row on Twitter

ASOS have sparked controversy with their new ad campaign, with many twitter users branding it “racist”.

In a photo advertising a new range of Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation creams, the online retailer opted to use a black woman‘s arm as a swatch. The eccomerce giant was forced to pull the photo from their website. 

The bright mascara is aimed at white people, and many Twitter uses have accused ASOS as using the woman‘s arm as a “prop”, according to the Daily Mail.





ASOS told the Daily Mail in response: “We are always trying out different ways to showcase products on our site and the colour swatches on models is a new trial in our beauty range.

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“We would never want to cause any offense and this feedback will help us get it right.”

In February ASOS were forced to pull a similar photo, in which a black male model was seen wearing a t-shirt emblazened with 

Last month ASOS were named the UK’s most reputable company, just two weeks after Owen Smith called for an enquiry into their working practices


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