Friday, August 19, 2022

The top stories of the week (and nope, Black Friday isn’t one)

The Top 5 Most-Read Stories of the Week

#1 Missguided opens doors to first standalone shop in Westfield Stratford

Missguided‘s first standalone bricks-and-mortar store has opened its doors in Westfield Stratford City today.

The 20,000sq ft flagship within the east London shopping centre is set to be the first in a series of store openings for the online fashion retailer, with three others scheduled to open around the UK in early 2017.

News of Missguided’s plans to open a shop at Westfield Stratford City was first reported back in April, while its location and opening date were confirmed in August.

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#2 Next CEO warns of dire consequences of a hard Brexit

Lord Simon Wolfson, the chief executive of Next has called for the government not to take a hard Brexit despite voting leave.

In an interview for Bloomberg Television the vocal leave supporter stated that stopping the influx of foreign workers who are contributing to our economy would be a dangerous move.

“Ultimately if people are coming here and they‘re prepared to work hard, contribute to our economy, pay their taxes, obey our laws, learn our language, then those people are actively contributing to our economy and it would be an enormous mistake for us to cut ourselves off from some of the world‘s best and brightest out of principle,” said Wolfson.

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#3 Lidl lets customers set their own prices through Twitter

Lidl have launched an unprecedented new scheme which allows its shoppers to determine the price of selected products.

In what is being dubbed the “social price drop”, the retailer will drop prices lower and lower the more customers tweet about a certain product aiming to help customers save money in the run up to Christmas.

Launching on Monday November 21 with a Christmas lobster as the first item to undergo the social treatment, dropping its original £5.99 price further as more shoppers tweet about it.

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