Amazon could soon sell cars online


Amazon is reportedly weighing up a potential partnership that could see it sell cars to UK consumers via its website.

According to the Press Association, the corporate partnership means the online retail giant could potentially team up with a vehicle manufacturer to offer promotions and receive orders for new cars from UK customers through Amazon’s platform.

The retailer already has a similar deal in place with Seat in France while in Italy it introduced a Fiat welcome kit.

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The programmes offered in these two countries allow online customers to access promotions or reach a price arrangement with the car manufacturer through the Amazon platform.

Shoppers can also lock in a reservation for a set price, book in a test drive, purchase that car through the local dealer or even organise home delivery.

The potential for Amazon to sell cars in the UK first emerged in a recent article by German trade magazine Automobilwoche, which outlined the retailer’s plans to base its online car unit in Luxembourg before launching new operations in the UK.

However, company would not comment on rumour or speculation.

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