M&S saves 75 tonnes of plastic with new Project Thin Air packaging

Project Thin Air

Marks & Spencer has launched a repackaging campaign, saving around 75 tonnes of packaging a year and equating to 152 fewer lorries on the road.

Project Thin Air will see more than 140 of the retailer‘s products redesigned to reduce the amount of packaging, while containing the same amount of food.

By using a thinner but stronger type of film, things like crisps and popcorn packets have been redesigned to reduce the pocket of air.

Its popular popcorn range has seen a 37 per cent reduction in packet size, using 20 per cent less plastic.

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The redesign comes just weeks after the retailer introduced laser-printed avocados, seeing labels etched onto the fruit in favour of plastic stickers.

The move will reportedly save 10 tonnes of plastic and five tonnes of glue every year.

“We‘ve been working on this project for over a year and are really pleased with the results,” M&S packaging expert Laura Fernandez said.

“We see this as the start of a much bigger piece of work and hope to bring equally impressive savings to other areas of the business too.”

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