Gumtree introduces ratings system amid “major upgrade”


Online shopping platform Gumtree has announced the introduction of a ratings system, which will allow users to rate buyers, sellers and service providers.

The new ratings system marks the first phase of a major upgrade for the platform after extensive customer research, aiming to increase accountability and “instil greater buyer and seller confidence”.

Gumtree tested the new five-star ratings system last month with a sample of around 4000 users. 70 per cent reportedly gave full five-star ratings.

The first phase of ratings is now available on Gumtree’s website across its “for sale” category, and will soon be launched across other categories and Gumtree’s app.

“Introducing a ratings system is the next step in our evolution as we engage with our users and encourage them to have safe and fruitful experiences on the site,” Gumtree UK general manager Matt Barham said.

“Gumtree is celebrating its 18th anniversary this month, and I am proud that as we did when we launched, we are continuing to challenge the traditional perception of the classifieds industry.”

Get Safe Online chief executive Tony Neate added: “We know that trust and safety between users is key to having a positive online experience.

“We also know that giving users the ability to rate whether or not they had a good experience will mean that Gumtree is a much harder place for fraudsters to operate.”

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  1. This news would be more convincing if Gumtree Management explained how this rating system was actually going to work. Gumtree has no real membership system, for sellers with free ads, they know only the email address and phone number (only if the phone number is used in an advert). They know nothing at all about buyers, so I don’t see how buyers can be rated.

    Come to that, they don’t know when a transaction takes place.

    I’m scratching my head here. Anyone with a clue how this is going to work, please comment.

  2. I’d like to know how anyone is able to leave a review for a seller? How does gumtree know which of many replies is the actual person that ends up buying the item? Also how does a seller protect themself against deliberate attempts to sabotage their ratings from fly by users?

    • Good questions. I think the seller and buyer should be able to ‘agree’ that a transaction took place before a rating can be placed (it would be great if buyer can be rated as well)

    • I got left a 2* rating by someone who didn’t even buy an item off me and Gumtree said they can’t remove it as it’s the person’s opinion of me. Just because I didn’t accept his lowball offer I’ve now got a tarnish on my account. The rating system is a joke

  3. I am puzzled why I suddenly have a 4/5 rating and who was the one person that left it.

    On what basis was this 4/5 rating left?

    To which item does this 4/5 rating refer?

    How was whoever left the 4/5 rating authorised to issue such a rating?

    If someone doesn’t want to buy a particular item from me they simply don’t.

    If someone does buy anything from me they inspect it and only pay if they are happy to buy.

    I cannot force anyone to buy. If an item is inspected and, following such inspection, purchased and paid for then there can be no reason whatsoever for leaving ratings.

  4. I got 1 out of 5 for not selling anything just listing. How is that possible? Gumtree should get 1 out of 5 for not providing a costumer support. Anyone knows how l can contact them?

  5. I’m so glad I’ve found this article. I’m in dispute with gumtree about this scoring system. I’ve sold a lot of items in our house move in the last 6 months, with they’re being around 2 months since my last ad. I posted an ad and then the review system popped up on my profile of one star! Gumtree have emailed me their explanation which made for very interesting reading. Broken down, their basically saying, they’re aware there’s an issue which internally they do anything about, although the more people that complain, the more chance of it being changed increases. They’re also giving more than one explanation for the review system!


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