Concept store 50m will display “talented young” designers for a monthly fee


A new experimental concept store that will showcase emerging fashion designers only is due to launch in London’s Belgravia next month.

50m will open its doors on May 24 in Eccleston Yards aim to help “tackle the sky high-shop rents in London” by allowing designers to display their work in exchange for a small monthly fee.

Something & Son, the group behind the project, have said the store will be able to display up to 30 designers at any one time.

“The fashion industry is a difficult industry to survive in and London rents mean the dream of having a shop is disappearing out of reach to everyone but the wealthy, leaving great British talent behind,” Something & Sun co-founder Paul Smyth said.

“Every year, hundreds of talented young designers graduate in London alone and many remain at the whim of the fashion industry, often getting priced out of the city.

“50m exists to radically change the balance of power between shops and designers and create a store where people don’t simply consume stuff but can meet designers, hang out with friends, cooperate and collaborate.”

Designers including Ryan Lo, Luke Anthony Rooney and London College of Fashion Graduates Laundry Service will be displayed upon launch at the retailer.

Members will also have access to support and guidance form 30 industry mentors including Alison Lowe and Victoria Beckham’s PR manager Florence Shippey.

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