Aldi snaps up Waitrose Camden store

Aldi plastic

Aldi is set to snap up the soon-to-be-former Waitrose store in Camden following news it planned to vacate five stores across the UK.

Waitrose’ owner John Lewis Partnership revealed a profit warning yesterday, stating that profits for the year were likely to come in at zero, while adding it was set to close four convenience stores and one supermarket.

The German discount retailer has now confirmed an exchange of contracts for Waitrose’ supermarket site in Camden, while the other four “Little Waitrose” convenience stores have been acquired by Co-op.

It will reportedly convert the store into its city format, due to open in spring next year.

This follows news that Aldi was seeking to move into more central London locations, expanding its presence in both zone 1 and zone 2, where Camden is located.

“The Camden store is an opportunity to reach customers in a busy London borough, many of whom may not have experienced Aldi’s award-winning, quality products at unbeatable prices before,” Aldi regional managing director, Graham Hetherington said.

“We expect details of the agreement to be finalised in autumn and work will then begin to refit the store with a view to opening in spring next year.”

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  1. Well, it leaves a long time between the close of Waitrose and the opening of Aldi! Why not have left Waitrose and got rid of the awful Northern store Morrisons? That would be a much better idea!

  2. You do realise that it was Waitrose, not some imaginary overlord of Camden, that decided to close the store? And if it was down to the council, why the hell would it want to ‘get rid’ of Morrisons and leave a huge retail unit empty? Some people are as thick as cement pudding.

  3. I love the fact that we have Lidl and now we will have aldi in Camden!

    And now we have Tesco local in the same street and Sainsbury’s. We have 4 different supermarket stores all located in one high street.. we are lucky people!!


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