Tesco axes “brand guarantee” price-match scheme

Tesco is set to axe its famous price-matching “brand guarantee” scheme opting instead to focus on making everyday items cheaper.

The scheme, launched in 2015, offered users money back on branded items if they could have been bought cheaper at one of its rivals.

However, Tesco has opted to scrap the scheme in what it says is a reaction to customer feedback, saying that less than one in eight transactions currently received a refund.

“At the same time, a majority of customers now tell us they would prefer lower everyday prices instead,” Tesco stated.

“Today we are committing to cuts on dozens more popular products, which will be introduced in stores over the next two weeks.”

Tesco’s chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini added that the scheme was “far less relevant” for today’s customers and that it would instead focus on “offering customers even more straightforward value for money at the shelf edge.”

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  1. I guess it was becoming embarrassing, because I could do a £70 shop there and the receipt would say ‘You have saved 33p here today’, it seemed like the savings were getting smaller and smaller. On the other hand, go to Aldi and get 40% cheaper basket….

  2. It’s a good move based on customer feedback.

    However today’s customer is much intelligent, smarter and have access to price comp tools, so I am curious to know if they have thought about how to respond respond to if the customer found prices cheaper then Tesco at the till?


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