Snapchat launches new shoppable ads

Snapchat has revealed a new phase of advertising options as it steps up its e-commerce game on social media.

The app this morning revealed four new options for advertising on its platform.

Those include new Shoppable Snap Ads which will be available from October and Product Catalogues, where retailers can import their product feeds into Snapchat and feature collections of items.

The social media player, which is keen to compete with Instagram, also launched Advanced Pixel Targeting for reaching more narrowly targeted audiences and over 40 new Snapchat partners to boost data-driven marketing and direct responses.

Snapchat is banking on the new advertising formats and tools boosting engagement rates for e-commerce businesses by enticing customers to make the jump from viewing images and videos on their platform and into purchasing.

The announcement comes just a few days after Snapchat launched a visual search tool in partnership with Amazon.

The tool allows customers to purchase items scanned with the app on Amazon.

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