Sainsbury’s Christmas advert voted best of 2018

Sainsbury's Christmas ad

Sainsbury’s The Big Night has been voted this year’s best Christmas advert, according to a study which analysed hundreds of thousands of reactions to 2018’s festive campaigns.

According to the Conran Design Group, which partnered with sister agency Socialyse to study 11,000 tweets commenting on each brand’s advert to create a “sentiment score”, Sainsbury’s has had the most positive reaction.

Sainsbury’s advert, which features a primary school Christmas show and enlisted the help of The Greatest Showman director Michael Gracey, scored an emotional engagement rating of four.

The Big Night had the most positive reactions on Twitter, with females making up 87 per cent of those who tweeted about it, aided by an explosion of “plug” memes.

This was closely followed by Waitrose’s Too Good to Wait advert campaign, scoring a 3.5 sentiment rating for its humorous tone, including the way it poked fun at stablemate retailer John Lewis.

Aldi’s Save Kevin advert, “featuring the recurring and increasingly popular animated character Kevin the Carrot,” came joint third with both Lidl’s Make Christmas a Lidl Special advert and John Lewis’ The Boy and the Piano advert, starring Elton John.

Conversely, Argos’ Christmas Fool advert was voted the worst, with a negative consumer sentiment score of -1.

Viewers were reportedly hit by the “Marmite factor”, and either loved or loathed the advert.

Retailer TV ad Sentiment   Score Rank
Sainsburys ‘The big night’ 4 1
Waitrose ‘Too good to wait’ 3.5 2
Aldi  ‘Save Kevin’ 3 3
John Lewis ‘The boy and the piano’ 3 3
Lidl ‘Make Christmas a Lidl special’ 3 3
M&S ‘My Marks Fave’ 2.5 6
Amazon ‘Can you feel it?’ 2 7
Currys ‘Christmas Upgraded’ 1 8
Boots ‘Get them something that says
you get them’
1 9
Tesco ‘However you do Christmas’ 0 10
Argos* ‘Christmas Fool’ -1 11


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  1. Just seen the John Lewis advert and so disappointed. It’s supposed to be about Xmas and children being suprised with their present.
    This seems to be about Elton John and his life.
    Sainsbury’s one was about children and thats what. Mas is all about. As a grandmother and a parent I would love to have sat and watched that p.

  2. Surprised Boots is so low on the list…for me it is very emotive…just like myself and dsughter…just us two at Christmas

  3. I’ve just seen the Sainsbury Christmas Advert in my opinion it’s brilliant ! It encompasses everything you need at this time without pushing the massive amounts of food etc that’s constantly being shown. Family gatherings & a safe environment are far more important than all else.

  4. Love the Sainsburys Christmas Advert. Was in my local Sainsburys today & song was being played in store. Found myself singing along to it.

  5. Sainsbury advert awful. Dress a strangulated hernia in a star and make it sing. It is the worst ever. Not a good year for the big stores and their ads.


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