Personalization for e-commerce: the ultimate guide


Personalizing the customer journey

Personalization in e-commerce has been heralded as a holy-grail that can reduce acquisition costs, lift revenues and increase efficiency, all while keeping the customer happy.

But unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

A recent survey revealed that personalization is still considered one of the most difficult strategies to implement, second only to artificial intelligence (AI)

Despite this, e-commerce personalization is still very much on the agenda for 2019. Marketers want it, consumers expect it…but how to deliver it in a newly privacy conscious world?

We’re exploring just that in this new guide featuring:

  • An updated definition of personalization for a post-GDPR world
  • Why 2019 might REALLY be the year of personalization
  • Examples from retail, travel and finance of personalization in action.
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