Amazon named consumers’ favourite brand

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// Amazon named as consumers’ favourite brand
// 67% of consumers who chose Amazon said the reason was brand loyalty
// Results come from DMA’s “Customer Engagement – How to win trust and loyalty” survey

Amazon has been named by consumers as their favourite brand, with other retailers such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Tesco following close behind.

According to the DMA’s “Customer Engagement – How to win trust and loyalty” survey, 67 per cent of consumers who chose Amazon as their favourite brand said it was because of brand loyalty rather than convenience.

The percentage of survey participants who felt loyalty towards brands was stronger with John Lewis and M&S, with 89 per cent and 88 per cent respectively.

However, unlike John Lewis and M&S, Amazon was the only brand to feature inside the top five across a variety of different categories, such as retail, technology and entertainment.

“It is interesting to see that Amazon features across several sectors as the preferred brand,” DMA managing director Rachel Aldighieri said.

“Amazon’s combination of familiarity, ease and choice is a compelling offer, providing consumers with one place to serve many of their needs.

“Their vast product range and integrated services entice consumers to stick with a brand they know and love.”

Favourite brand/company (overall) Retailers (high street shops or websites) Personal technology (e.g. TV, phone, electronics) Media or entertainment (e.g. music services, TV, film, news, social media)
Amazon 14% Amazon 12% Apple 15% Sky 10%
Marks & Spencer 4% Marks & Spencer 7% Samsung 10% Netflix 10%
John Lewis 4% John Lewis 5% Currys / PC World 7% Amazon 6%
Sainsbury’s 4% Tesco 5% Amazon 6% BBC 5%
Tesco 3% Sainsbury’s 4% Sony 3% Virgin 3%
Apple 2% Asda 2% John Lewis 2% Facebook 3%
eBay 2% Next 2% Argos 2% Apple 2%
Asda 1% eBay 2% Panasonic 1% Spotify 2%
Multiple brand mentions 3% Argos 2% BT 1% YouTube 2%
Don’t have a favourite brand 33% Not loyal to any sector brands 29% Not loyal to any sector brands 37% Not loyal to any sector brands 43%

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