Aldi scraps 5p plastic bags in a bid to tackle plastic pollution

Aldi plastic
// Aldi has stopped selling 5p plastic bags in UK stores
// It aims to get rid of 80 million bags from circulation per year

Aldi has announced it will stop selling 5p plastic bags from all of its stores across the UK.

The discount grocer aims to get rid of 80 million bags from circulation per year by proposing this ban, The Mirror reports.

Aldi’s strategy to fight plastic pollution comes after Morrisons recently revealed it was increasing its plastic bag prices, while its paper bags would be up for 20p each.

The grocer said customers would be able to find viable alternatives such as the flexi-loop bag which is made from back-of-store waste and sells for 9p each.

Aldi is currently trying out a cotton alternative in a number of its stores.

According to The Mirror, Fritz Walleczek from Aldi UK said: “The environmental impact of single use plastic bags is no secret, and removing them from our stores is an important step on our mission to eradicate plastic wherever possible.

“Our customers trust us not only to offer them high quality products at unbeatable prices, but to help them lead more environmentally friendly lives.”

Aldi has replaced more than 2500 tonnes of plastic with sustainable alternatives since March 2018, and aims to obtain 100 per cent recyclable and compostable packaging across its products by 2022.

The Retail Gazette has contacted Aldi for further comment.

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