Another 6 Wyevale Garden Centres sold off

// Wyvevale offloads another 6 stores as part of scheme to slim down its estate
// Stores located in Bold Heath, Carr Gate, Leyland, Coventry, Bolton and Woburn Sands
// British Garden Centres bought 5 of those stores, Rochmills Group bought 1.

Wyevale has confirmed that it has sold another six of its stores as part of an ongoing scheme to trim down its estate.

The gardening retailer said its Bold Heath, Carr Gate, Leyland, Coventry and Bolton centres have been acquired by British Garden Centres, subsequently allowing the family-owned gardening business to grow from 11 to 16 stores.

Meanwhile, a separate transaction for Wyevale’s Woburn Sands centre has been sold to Rochmills Group.

Both buyers will continue to operate all sites as garden centres and the acquisitions are expected to be complete by the end of this month.

The latest sales mean Wyevale has now sold 46 of its stores since it first announced plans to do so last year in May, after a huge investment scheme saw the garden retailer return to profitability.

One of the handful of buyers of Wyevale’s estate includes rival Dobbies, which snapped up at least six stores.

“We continue to evaluate a wide range of competitive offers from group buyers, regional operators and local entrepreneurs, but we also look forward to re-focusing our efforts and trading the upcoming spring season with the vast majority of our remaining centres,” Wyevalee chief operating officer Anthony Jones said.

“We would like to thank our great colleagues at these centres, who have been central to the performance of their centres and made them so appealing to these buyers.

“We wish them well for the next stage of their growth and development under new ownership.”

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  1. Codicote garden centre closed and sold to Taylor Wimpy. I huge loss to our village community and will be sorely missed and to be replaced by yet more housing/ traffic on the village roads and no infrastructure to support the extra development which is just another one of many being proposed.
    Bring back our wyevale ..

  2. won,t be long till there finally gone for good,overpriced, skellington unexpieriended uncaring pass the customer staff, urrr dunno attitude sponsored by poorly performing here today gone tomorrow managers…good luck Wyevale you need it

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      4/10 Please do better next time.


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